Drew McIntyre Back?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roach, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Do you think Drew is back? He appeared on Superstars and said "Im Back!" do you think he will be appearing on RAW and getting back into the show?

    He was like a Shemus when he first came but the story died down too fast.
  2. Might be used to job or something. Doubt he'll do something really key in the show, might have a pointless win to build up this "I'm back" stuff. His push was stopped mainly for lack of reactions, but like ADR, the creative team messed up. The booking was terrible.
  3. Yeah. I would like to see him in the show at least. He made a good impact, should of been kept up though.
  4. I remember him in the elimination chamber, when he was put in randomly with no build up. Ended up stealing the whole show, his aggressive wrestling ability is great. Then they just plonked him back to obscurity after that.
  5. Yeah. Back in the day when him and Shemus were heel. They were both good for the aggressive wrestling. Back then they would of made a good tag team too.
  6. Yeah I thought the same, though I'd of preferred a United Kingdom stable, like WWE 12' has written in. So many fans suggested it but it was never done. Obviously because they wanted to elevate Sheamus higher at the time.
  7. I still think Drew needs to be in a stable tbh. He reminds me alot of a HHH/ Legend killer Orton hybrid but needs that exposure as the young diamond in the rough kinda deal like Orton was in evolution to truly break out.
  8. Maybe, I can not think of any possible stables apart from a Nexus return though. :S
  9. Maybe a return with someone. For example Brodus Clay or someone like that. Come back as a heel tag team.
  10. With a few turns they could create one such as
    Evolution New
    Flair Heel HHH
    HHH Heel Cena
    Orton McIntyre
    Batista Brodus Clay

    It's not perfect and i'm not sure how they'd get together but in this format could be done and work pretty well imo. I can't see any that are very likely though you're right. Unless these it begins are a group rather then a single person as has been speculated.
  11. God that's a dream, but I doubt it's ever going to happen, well; not any time soon anyway. I would love that.