Drew McIntyre CHAMPION?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DashingPerfection, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. We all know Drew McIntyre has been sucking lately, and one of his only "big" wins was at WrestleMania 28 this year, Team Teddy vs Team Laurinaitis. So my friends say The Chosen One is U.S. Championship worthy. He does deserve the push. Him vs Antonio Cesaro would be a great match. Would you agree?
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  2. You offically are my best friends. Perfect
  3. No. Heel vs Heel =/= good
  4. I'm probably the biggest Drew McIntyre mark on the forum. I absolutely love McIntyre. I'm pretty sure he's still destined for big things in the WWE. He's only 27 and has been receiving quite a bit of praise from Triple H.
  5. Oh boy, i'll give you a run for your money on being the biggest Mcintyre mark. I'm so into DB that i'll give it to you for now but I LOVE the aggressiveness of DM
  6. I completely agree with your brother. I loved when Drew McIntyre debuted as "The Chosen one". It's such a shame the backstage heat he got because he could have done a lot during the past couple of years.
  7. I never heard the story on why they nixed him out so much. You should fill me in
  8. I'm not quite sure myself I believe he received heat for divorcing his wife Tiffany who was also employed by WWE at the time. So it probably cost them money. And because of that he got into the "Losing Gimmick"
  9. I heard HHH liked him. guess Shay Shay gave an extra good BJ and put Drew on the back burner
  10. haha Must be!
  11. Yeah it was reported that Triple H is high on Michael McGillicutty and Drew McIntyre.
  12. Teddy firing him? That's why he was on Team People Power. I mean you can't really blame him for losing this blind fold match.


    He can't see. He did once though--But that's not my point. That's no reason to fire McIntyre. He is Vince McMahon's Chosen One. You just simply can't fire him.
  13. Yes he does. Right now he's with this three man group with Slater and Mahal so I guess that's the "push" he's getting.
  14. Good. At least he gets it.
  15. He's alright. Nothing special, at least IC champ though. Not sure about world champ.
  16. Drew is so overrated.
  17. Oh hell NO, :bury:
  18. Oh hell :YES:
  19. You don't like McIntyre too?... McIntyre is god.
  20. Nope. He's like 2/10 maximum.
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