Drew McIntyre Update for 3MB fans

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 3, 2013.

  2. 3MB fans ? :otunga:
  3. Good to hear. 3MB is a great group. Drew should be used better, though.
  4. There are some out there :maybe:
  5. Can someone tell me if they have changed his theme song after joining 3MB?
    Because I never saw him having a singles match after 3MB formation, and his theme :Broken Dreams" is so damn awesome :yay:
  6. I suppose he'd use 3MB's theme song in a singles match.
  7. :sad1: :okay:
  8. He's had singles matches since joining 3MB, he uses the 3MB theme.
  9. :upset::upset::upset:
  10. Broken dreams was beautiful.
  11. Broken dreams was awesome :sad1:
  12. I actually like Drew and hope he gets pushed to the top and get the WWE title or world heavyweight title
  13. I like him, but not to the point that I would give him the WWE or WH title. lol
  14. Brad Maddox WWE title , drew whc champ :jeritroll:
  15. Fuck 3MB, the only one I kinda cared for was Drew and they fucked him over.
  16. I like Drew, he was promising at one point.
  17. He was a lot better and more serious before joining that crappy 3MB :SAD:
  18. How you guys can hate on 3MB I'll never know. Drew was going nowhere as a singles star due to his divorce with Tiffanny going the way it did. This way he is getting on TV, getting wins and getting back in the companies good graces.
  19. True. He's getting TV time every week now, before Drew was jobbing once every month. It may be a comedy gimmick but it's a step up.
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