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  1. Ok so Drew finally getting a push (if you call been booked to lose every week that) how far do you think they will go with him losing / doing something to impress Teddy Long? To becoming the WHC (which IMO is what he should be if DB is the current excuse)
  2. I'm hoping for a GM feud. McIntyre gets tired of these petty losses and goes nuts on Teddy for not giving him the contract or w.e. Drew plays the out of control aggressive wrestler really well, one of the best on the roster actually. I'd like to see Teddy maybe get cocky and hand Drew a brand new local wrestler kid who's great at selling. Drew absolutely destroys him to no end, Teddy comes out to try and stop it and Drew pushes him off his feet or something. Gets the win over the kid and then decimates him after. Boom.
  3. Never seen a push like Randy Orton's. WWE stuck with him through thick and thin

    I can't see any major differences between McIntyre and Orton.... except HHH's mentoring

    If you push Drew, he can't be worse than Orton. Even Bret Hart likes Drew....Bret freaking Hart!!!
  4. Guy just needs more mic time if I'm honest.
  5. The accent works.

    If Cody is given a mic, give one to Drew
  6. They taped a segment where Brodus Clay squashed Heath Slater, and Drew came out afterwards to attack him after the match, but it got cut due to time constraints (or they didn't want to go through with the rivalry). The last time a losing streak angle happened, it was a way to turn MVP face. Many people have noted that the guy can't get heat (I blame first impressions and the theme song), so why not try it out?

    This whole angle is pretty embarassing. The guy has everything you could possibly want as a superstar and WWE buries him because he had a psycho wife. #wwelogic
  7. What's up with his wife? :O
  8. They had a domestic.

    World Wrestling Entertainment has suspended Taryn Terrell (a/k/a Tiffany) following an incident earlier this week at the San Jose, CA hotel performers were staying at.

    Company sources claim the incident was a domestic issue between Terrell and husband Drew Galloway (a/k/a Drew McIntyre), which led to police being called to the scene. There are conflicting reports over whether Terrell was arrested by the San Jose PD.


    It has a proper source in the article.
  9. Wow, never knew he was even married to her.
  10. Drew had a psycho wife and he gets punished for it

    ... then what's HHH's excuse?

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  12. http://www.examiner.com/fight-sports-in-national/smackdown-star-drew-mcintyre-to-get-a-character-makeover