Drew McIntyre

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. Im not just saying this because im Scottish, Im saying this because this is what I actually believe and I have seen him in ring first hand when from events I have went to.

    Drew is one of the most underrated and wasted talent in WWE. He has so much charisma and skill. The guy can work as a brilliant babyface and be able to get the crowd behind him like he did for years in the UK and he can work as a brilliant heel and get heat. His mic skills are good and his chosen one gimmick was great until he kept losing entry matches into the MITB match and Vince kept reversing the decisions which made Drew look weak and a coward and his chosen one gimmick died right there. His in ring is very clean and great, His matches are really good and his moves look great. He hasnt even had the chance to have any good matches in WWE his match with Morrison was awesome. The guys needs a push from jobbing in 3MB.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. :willis:
  3. He's never going to be a big dog in the WWE sadly. He's British. Brits don't reach the top.

    Dynamite kid, never on the top. British Bulldog, never on the top. Regal, never on the top. Sad but true.
    The only British wrestler of the current generation I see going to to the top is Neville. And that is because of his moveset.

    I'd love for Drew to prove me wrong, but he won't be a top dog in the company. He can still have a long and fulfilling career in the mid card, multi time IC champion and such. But he won't be a top star I think.
  4. He deserves to be a world champ but as you said sadly it will never happen.
  5. Does he? He sure hasn't shown it. His accomplishments outside of WWE mean jack squat. If Daniel Bryan's ROH career didn't mean anything to Vince then Drew's Scotland career doesn't either.
  6. I didnt say it meant something but his skill means that down the line he SHOULD be a world champion at least once, I think the same about Barrett and Neville. There is many Brits who should be world champs.
  7. He seems like he could be better than he is, what with currently being stuck in WWE's own version of Three Count and everything, but I don't see anything about him that automatically screams main eventer/world champion either. Nothing wrong with being a good/great mid carder, though. I seriously doubt 3MB will last forever, thought the taint of it may linger on talents like McIntyre for far longer even when they're disbanded.
  8. Not a fan of him at all. Terrible overrated by the IWC.
  9. I never see anyone praise him tbh. Seems like just me a lot of the time.
  10. Drew's Chosen One gimmick was the bomb. I ate that shit up.

    I agree, he's super underrated. :\
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  11. This.

  12. Is part of the love not at least somewhat because you're both from Scotland?
  13. Not really, Ive been to events he was on and really enjoyed him (These were WWE house shows and indie shows). I guess him being Scottish is a bonus to me. I like a lot of Scottish wrestlers and im a fan of that scene not because its Scottish just because its a great scene and very local for me and I feel very lucky that in my current position with training and stuff I can help set up the ring at shows and talk to these guys about the scene, Drew was just a guy I used to see at shows when I was young and now he is in WWE.
  14. I am half Scottish and find this guy to be bland.
  15. I don't even think the majority of the IWC rate him high at this point (maybe 3 years ago). I think he just has a handful of vocal supporters.


    lmao, no way man. You are crazy if you think Neville ever goes anywhere near the top. I know he is fun to mark for atm, but the top? Come on son
  16. :kellykelly: was in a very weird storyline with him, made me think Drew was a joke.
  17. Mcintyre's one of the guys who I really got excited about when getting back into wrestling, and when the roster was really depleted a year ago he seemed like an obvious diamond in the rough, but now that we have so many new talents + old talents finally being used correctly there's really no use for the guy.

    Honestly the only place for him (ignoring the whole "you can't recover from 3MB" part of it) is to be a mid-card anti-hero babyface to replace Blandy when he turns, but they're already building up Corey Graves for that.

  18. Corey Graves slurps dong.

    I feel you on McIntyre though. Miz was the same way for me. I really dug him in 2011 when I first started to watch again, his mic work drew me in. But now with WWE being littered with talent there isn't a need (or want) for Miz.
  19. I can see him pull a Jeff Hardy on us and become so over based on high risk moves that they have to give him a world title run.