Drew McIntyre

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zach, Oct 11, 2013.

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  1. I'd like for him to get his Scottish gimmick back and for him to pick up the Smackdown briefcase at Money in the Bank.

  2. I think they're repackaging him. They could give it a shot and see how it goes, won't say he should win MITB or anything but I think he'll get another shot.
  3. Him being Scottish is not a gimmick.
  4. Oh shit Zach, whats up buddy. Now that D'Z is gone, our bromance can really shine.

    Sure, whatever you say, go scotish.
  5. I thought he was leaving 3MB because he hadn't been seen with Slater and Mahal for a while then he jobbed to Los Matadores last week.

    Anyway, I could think of 10 guys who deserve a MITB more than McIntyre.
  6. I am a fan of Drew McIntyre. I loved his earliest appearances in WWE, back when he was the "Chosen One". I also know he needs repackaging badly.

    I hope they can do something with him as I believe he has all the tools to be a success in WWE.

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  7. Agreed, the Chosen One gimmick was good. I loved him as the IC Champ.
  8. I dug his whole thing with Teddy and all, he had some real heat. Then he just kind of went into a black hole of sucktitude and hasn't returned.
  9. I just find him soooooooooo overrated.
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  10. Yeaaah. Pretty much. And he got straight up cuckloded by that Tiffany chick with her huge pussylips. A lot of extra flesh in those pussylips. Google it. She's rather lippy. She got lippy with Drew and smacked him around in a hotel too, which is why he's no longer anything in the WWE and won't ever be.
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  11. Yeah.....I've seen lmao.
  12. Drew McIntyre is overrated. If anything happens with him, he's just going to get a mid-card push. He's not going to win Money in the Bank next year.

  13. In all fairness, a lot of people said the same thing about Jack Swagger, Daniel Bryan, and Damien Sandow.


  14. In all fairness, a lot of people said the same thing about Jack Swagger, Daniel Bryan, and Damien Sandow.

  15. It's also worth noting that Drew is younger than all 3 of those guys as well

    Damian Sandow - 32
    Daniel Bryan - 32
    Jack Swagger - 31

    Drew Mcintyre - 28

    Let's give this guy another shot.
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  16. So what happened to Drew's breakaway from 3MB? hes still with them and nothings changed WTF was all that news complete bullshit then? im gutted I really wanna see my countryman Drew breakaway and be his own character and get to the top of WWE
  17. It was never confirmed.
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  18. Unless they confirm it, they won't split up
  19. Merged your thread into this one since it's a similar topic.
  20. Personally, I think Drew does have potential. He's got the look, and he's not bad in the ring. They just need to give him a good character and improve on his mic skills more, then I can see him being pushed possibly to the World Heavyweight Championship scene. He's still young, and there's a lot to work with. Hope they don't give up on him yet.
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