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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Schmitlab, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. So i never though that he could get any lower on the totem pole until i watched Raw tonight. A loss realistically to El Dorito. NEW LOW FOR HIS CAREER!
  2. At least he didn't get knocked out by wolverine in a zack ryder headband :pity1:
  3. Why are we calling Torito, "Dorito"? Doritos aren't even Mexican/Spanish.
  4. Because people have this belief/ignorance that everything that has tortilla as an ingredient has to be Mexican/Spanish lol
  5. Could be worse, he's getting on TV at least, unlike Ryder/Tatsu.
  6. Tatsu has been on NXT a few times recently. Not to mention he jobbed the Andre the Giant Battle Royale.
  7. Ok then....JTG?
  8. Better.
    It's about time they started to use the jobbers until contracts are up- unless they only get paid per appearance it seems like a giant waste of money.
  9. Drew mac is getting TV time. Only way to climb the totem pole is to get TV time and prove yourself.
  11. I skip the jobbers on Raw, I know not what they do.
  12. So you never watch a Sin Cara match?
  13. I saw the one when Scooby-Doo was his valet.
  14. Best match EU.
  15. Basically if I watch with friends I have to watch the whole Raw. If I watch alone I skip the jobbing.
  16. You skip all the Rusev matches?
  17. Not yet, but I'm not digging the constant squash matches.
  18. This one lasted a little longer, but Ironically Rusev botched a bit in the corner. So Cara had to improvise by slapping his chest instead of the planned Irish whip. Made me chuckle.
  19. Was this on last night's Raw? If so I'll be watching it later.
  20. eeyup.
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