Drew McIntyre's future

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Drew McIntyre,

    A Scottish wrestler signed to WWE.

    The former Intercontinental and Tag Team champion was fired by Teddy Long last friday night.
    Is it a storyline and will he be back for a push in a while?
    Is it the end for Drew in the WWE?

    I don't know.
    His profile is no longer in the roster of the WWE website.
    He is placed to the WWE Alumni page.

    I'd like him to stay, he's a good one in my opinion.

    What will it be?
  2. It's probably to sell this storyline of him being fired by Teddy.
  3. Yeah I know, but being put in the Alumni page????
  4. Yeah the Alumni is just where they put ex talents. Which if they're trying to sell him being fired they'd do. It's so he's relevant as in not off the site completely plus it gets people talking as seen by this thread.
  5. They've done that before with Nash and others. It's to sell the story-line, if they were to legitimately fire someone they wouldn't turn it into a month long story-line and have his firing be televised.
  6. So Nash is on the list, and he said on his Twitter that he would be at Mania, any other sources/news on that?
  7. Didn't see that? :O
  8. All I can find : Kevin Nash wrote on Twitter last night that he was fine and should be back in action in a couple of weeks.

  9. Kevin Nash ? @RealKevinNash
    @ToddCarneyFan12 @WWE I'll be at Mania

  10. Last thing I heard was he said he has hung up his WWE boots for the younger talent - but that's the most unlikely thing in the world so yeah.
  11. Nash is going to be Nash uh.. :emoji_wink:
    Dunno what role he is going to have at Mania..

    Maybe a tore a quad contest..
  12. Made me laugh rather hard I must say.
  14. I love Ace even more now.
  15. Good thing, I like Drew to stay in WWE for a while, like being a midcard champ again.
  16. I've never thought that Nash was good in-ring to be honest.. So what, he was a big guy and had a nice looking powerbomb, thats it...
  17. Nash was appriciated in multiple kind of ways.
    He was Big Sexy, dude's thought he was awesome and women thought he was hot/sexy.
    Not much of a wrestler indeed, but still entertaning enough for the whole thing.
    Also a big part in the NWO 4 4 4 4 Life, 4 Life.
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