News Drew wanting a character change

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Not sure what to make of this. It could very well just be regular twitter banter as we have seen between wrestlers before. Bray Wyatt said he was a Paul Heyman guy like 5 months back and got a similar response.

    But for the sake of discussion. Would Drew work with Paul as his manager?

  2. I'm pretty sure Heyman could get a sex doll over, so sure, Drew would be fine. As for him wanting a character change, he has probably desired that since the day creative approached him about 3MB.

    "hey, want to make an ass of yourself with a career killing gimmick where you play fake instruments and make an ass of yourself while getting beat up by every performer under the sun??"
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  3. PLEASE Make it happen, Heyman. Or WWE. Someone just get him out of 3MB.

  4. I think he is broken beyond repair.
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  5. [​IMG]As much as I hate to admit it, I think you're right.
  6. I personally am of the opinion that no wrestler is beyond repair. It's all about how you handle them and restart them.
  7. There are just some gimmicks you never overcome. While 3MB isn't quite as bad as Nick Disnmore rocking the scarlet letter that is having been Eugene, it is pretty damn bad.
  8. Drew deserves more than he gets in the WWE. He is a great talent and is better than some guys who gets pushes (Ryback, Del Rio etc). He has never been able to show that in the WWE. Ive been to a few indy shows here where he appeared and he was great, His mic skills are actually quite good but again isnt able to show it. He seems to be a joke in WWE being stuck in 3MB and being mocked in promos about Scot stereotypes aka when Morrison came out dressed as Braveheart.
  9. A pimple on Del Rio's ass >>> McIntyre
  10. That's what happens when your wife attacks your ass backstage and throws a tantrum.
  11. Just because you watched a WWE McIntyre match doesnt make him bad.

  12. He's not bad but saying he is better than Del Rio drains the credibility from your point.
  13. The matches I have seen from Del Rio compared to matches I have seen from Drew are nothing, I cant remember a Del Rio match that was great.
  14. Oh God please let it happen..
    Drew was amazing with that "Chosen One" gimmick, not sure about him being a Heyman guy though.

    But him reviving his past gimmick along with the "Broken Dreams" theme song would be a dream.

  15. lol, meanwhile Drew McIntyre has a catalog of great matches! You claim to have seen Drew as a great indie worker, but have you bothered to look into ADR's luchalibre days? Didn't think so. ADR >> Drew
  16. Del rio was one of the biggest stars in Mexico before coming to the WWE. Him being better than Drew isn't much of a debate.
  17. Drew was decent in IWW at best IMO, he's a nice intense worker but lacked much else bar some hilarious overselling expressions. I watched his work with SOS and was more impressed with the fella tbh.

  18. You don't recover from 3MB.
    Fans aren't believing McGillicutty as a Heyman guy and his character wasn't even damaged.
    Once you go into the pile of jobbers, you never get out.

  19. I agree with this. There might be exceptions but I think as long as you have talent and can prove you can still be entertaining, the fans will forgive whatever shit gimmick you had previous and it's not too late. A lot of fans have short-term memories, anyway. Kane had to suffer through being an evil dentist and being a caricature of Kevin Nash's Diesel character before landing upon being The Big Red Machine, which has been perfect for him. I don't think 3MB is a big enough dent to McIntyre for him to not come back from it. He might prove to be interesting with Heyman as his manager.

    Maybe Heyman should just create an updated version of WCW's Dangerous Alliance stable and just add 2-3 members to go along with Curtis Axel. Or perhaps just manage one or two other guys separately but then at certain times, have all of his guys (Brock being the big exception) work together at crucial points.
  20. Hell, Brian Cage spent his entire time in FCW (WWE's old developmental system) as Kris Logan, a parody of Wolverine from the 90's X-men cartoon. He rebounded from that gimmick and is an absolute beast now.

    Anyone can be saved with the right direction and plan.
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