Fast Lane Drinking Game rules for Fast Lane

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by TPGWLW, Feb 21, 2015.

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  1. Tempted to say just take a drink every time someone says 'Wrestlemania'.

    How about:

    3 fingers every time they announce that an official WWE hashtag is trending worldwide, finish your drink if it's the number one trend.
    2 fingers every time someone says 'Brock Lesnar', an extra finger if it's Paul Hayman saying it.
    A shot every time Cole says OHHHHH MY
    Waterfall your drink for the length of each yes chant.
    2 fingers every time someone says Championship

    Any more for any more?
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  2. This is brilliant... but I don't drink. Love to see some guys do it though.
  3. If I do all of this during the show, I am going to get shitfaced. lol

    I suggest we take a shot every time they mention the Network and that it's free for the month of February.
  4. I'm not drinking hard liquor for this shit lol. I'll have beer. I have a fuckin' job to attend Monday morning. Can't go that hard on a Sunday night.
  5. Take a drink, every 2 count.
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