Drive By Insults (Videos Inside)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 10, 2014.

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  1. So when I was younger probably about like 7 years ago I wanna say I stumbled across some funny ass videos and have since then shared it with easily over 100 people.

    Anyway these videos consist of a car of dudes driving around and the guy in the passenger seat yelling out ruthless insults to random people they drive by. It's not all adults they yell at too they yell some fucked up shit at little kids.

    I probably watch them once a year and still get a kick out of them.

    First Video they did - "Verbal Slaughterfest"

    Second video they did - "Christmas Massacre" <- My Personal Favorite

    4th Video I believe but the 3rd was like an extended version of another video they had. - "Armageddon"

    Anyways I thought I'd share em for you all in case people haven't seen them, I remember the first time seeing them when I was like 14-15 it was fucking hilarious.
  2. Died at "Nice School Bus, Bitch"

    I feel so bad laughing.
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  3. He just called someone a fucking Geodude :dawg:
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  4. "Go back to Seaworld Shamu!!"

    "Get off the bike you fat bitch!"

    Dude I know but some of them are just too good even now at 23 I still find humor in them.
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  5. I must admit, I love the ones who just stand there after he's insulted them with a blank look on their face.
  6. lol my favorite is in the christmas one..
    "Yo youz a fuckin old man"
    like 5 seconds later you hear the old man go "You Jerkoff!"
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  7. Basically, you could watch the teaser trailer for the Inbetweeners 2 movie.

  8. Pretty much the only British comedy show I watch aside from IT Crowd.
    Happy for them getting a 2nd movie.
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