Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by RaveWayneBoo, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. I was just wondering if all you guys pay attention while driving, or do you text do makeup, eat ect.
  2. Pay attention. More or less I don't really text at all, much less call people. As for eating, I can stop and do that in the parking lot. Anything like changing radio stations or CDs can be done at a red light.
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  3. Good man, Im terrible as fuck I text, I eat, I read long ass articals.
  4. You'd fit in perfectly in Cali :yay:
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  5. I ride a motorcycle, so unless loud music counts, then I pay attention.
  6. You might as well get over here. There's lots of those
  7. I'm in San Diego lol
  8. I pay attention
  9. My worst part is I drive for my job so I'm never paying attention. Even now I'm driving.
  10. Dammit Wayne
  11. Sry man work is boring today.... sent from work truck lol
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  12. Eh, I would hope that someone did their makeup before they left the damn house. Same thing with texting and talking on the cell phone while driving. I get that you might get an emergency call or have to make one yourself while you happen to be on the road, but try to pull over and stop if that's the case. Far too many accidents and injuries/deaths happen because people are to distracted by other things than watching the road.

    I personally hate the idea of driving. I don't feel comfortable behind a steering wheel for some reason and I don't trust other people out there on the road either. Knowing there's people who text and chat away on the cell phone while driving (among other things... there was this **** on a cops show one time who wrecked her car because she was trying to eat a bowl of cereal while driving) makes me even more nervous.

    Scientists need to step their game up and get to work on creating a teleportation system.
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  13. I can't multitask when I drive (except doing the simple changing the radio station and turning on heat/air conditioning) so I don't text and drive. I don't like to take phone calls either since I don't think I listen well lol.
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  14. I mostly pay attention, but I can answer the phone and send short texts (one or two letters, back to road, repeat lol). Thats about it. I don't worry too much because I have avoided many an accident. Anyone who says playing driving video games won't help your driving skills IRL is a liar! I can handle sliding in the snow like a pro thanks to games like Burnout.
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  15. Fuck that, forget ur fear and go for it driving is easy as hell, as for accidents from distractions I donno I text or talk all the time and been driving for 15 yrs and I'm still good.
  16. Who needs science?
  17. I've avoided so many accidents from dumbasses thanks to the vidya
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  18. I donno what the faces mean lol I don't use em.
  19. Just hover your mouse over it when you're on PC. Not sure how you tell when on mobile though (which I assume you are atm)
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