Dropping the "Nature Girl"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. I thought I'd post my latest column. It's basically how Charlotte should stop trying to be a female version of her daddy. Any thoughts on this would be interesting. I know many of us have brought this up in the live discussions.

    Dropping the "Nature Girl" - OWW
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  2. Sasha Banks will make her irrelevant soon enough. lol I am not a fan of hers honestly, never was.
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  3. I can't argue with anything here, you nailed it.

    Her daddy, Ric Flair (along with Dusty) basically invented SWAG, Charlotte doesn't have that yet.
    I like her, but her simply copying her dad's stuff should stop. Be yourself and don't try to copy anyone, Charlotte.
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  4. I'm not sure Sasha will make her irrelevant, but I do think Banks is by far the superior wrestler.
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  5. She has to be the best female wrestler they have right now. I just wish they had more like her and that they got rid of this diva crap. If they really want to empower women and make women equal, call them female wrestlers, not divas. I honestly feel like that is what is keeping the women's division held back. Bring back the woman's title. I just went completely off topic. lol
  6. Charlotte is probably the most skilled diva in WWE, but her copying Ric Flair is starting to get annoying.. We get it, she's the daughter of Flair, doesn't mean she needs to act exactly like him.
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  7. You didn't really go off topic because my column was about how they were using Charlotte wrong and that could be extended to the whole division.

    Yeah, I noticed the other day that they were talking about Nikki being the longest reigning Divas champion, which I suppose is true. However, they then immediately listed Alundra Blayze, Trish Stratus, Lita and Moolah as being Divas champion. Well we know those four have never held he Divas title, they held the women's title. And if they are trying to tell us the Divas title and the women's title are the same belt, than Nikki Bella's reign pales in comparison to Moolah's, which WWE lists as lasting nearly 28 years.

    It's this inconsistency that also shows how poorly they view women's wrestling. They need to show it more respect and the Diva's Revolution is not doing it.
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  8. I cringe overtime she says WOOO.

    I personally wish Divas would just go back to Jeff Jarret hitting them in the head with guitars and The dudleyz power bombing them through tables
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  9. "Diva" is a sexist title if you ask me.
    Here are the definitions...

    a famous female opera singer.
    "your average opera isn't over till the diva trills her high notes"

    a famous female singer of popular music.
    "a pop diva"

    a woman regarded as temperamental or haughty.

    Which does it fit the most? lol
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  10. She doesn't really have much charisma. She's best suited to follow her father's gimmick, but that doesn't mean it's good. She should find her own strong points and make a gimmick based off of it.
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  11. This.
  12. Great column and I essentially agree with every one of your points.
    My point of contention isn't with you or what you said but rather with the company.
    This company does not care about people, their lives or what dreams or aspirations they may have.
    To give an illustration, my theory holds that Vince McMahon doesn't see the human head, but rather a dollar sign in place of it.
    John Cena, for example, has an unusually large dollar sign for a head. No human is actually human, mind you, we are all just means to make Vince more money.

    Vince does not care about Charlotte, her potential or what she could achieve if they just supported her. He cares how much money she can make for him today.

    Edit: I believe WWE may be testing the waters here to have her eventually turn on Ric and spit on his legacy. It isn't a foregone conclusion, but a bleak observation.
  13. I don't like this chick. She just seems boring . I'd also say she's ugly but that's sexist and mean.
  14. She looks like her father. I am not saying Ric is ugly, but ..
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  15. Charlotte is probably under a lot of pressure, too. Think about it, she's coming in being the daughter of ric flair, arguably the best wrestler ever. So, she might feel that she needs to pay omage to him in some way; and, I would bet, triple h wants this to happen.

    She has room for growth, but yes, her current ric flair gimmick will get her no where. She's talented but needs to prefect her skills.
  16. She's improved during her time in NXT, but I'd have to agree with some people's assessment that she lacks in charisma. Copying a gimmick and attempting to make it her own can't be doing her any favors. She's more effective as a heel so a turn against her own father might help her break out on her own.
  17. Mean? Perhaps. Sexist? No. Sexist would be you saying Charlotte sucks because she's a woman and all woman are lazy, stupid, and ugly.
  18. I really don't care much for Charlotte. And contrary to what others think (even most of her detractors), I don't even find her to be all that great in the ring. Maybe I haven't seen enough of her matches (or just haven't paid close enough attention to the ones I have seen), but she's never wowed me with any of her performances. Then again, I've only watched her matches on the main roster and none of what she did in NXT, so that's probably not the best way to get a measure of her in-ring abilities.

    In any case, she doesn't have much presence or charisma for me to make me a fan just yet, and just being the daughter of WOOOOOOO 16-time world champion Ric Flair isn't gonna be enough. She needs to find her own identity.
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