Kayfabe Drown in Sorrow

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  1. *We see Luis Alvarado at a bar, drinking his sorrows away*
    Luis Alvarado: Thi- - - (burps) Thissssss uhhhhhh this.
    *Luis slams his glass down*
    Luis Alvarado: This oneeee is-is to you my (hic) ol' compadre. HEY! HEY! BARMAN!
    *The bartender reluctantly goes over to Luis*
    Bartender: What do you need sir?
    Luis Alvarado: HEY! I neeeeeeeed muh drink.
    *The bartender takes a good look at Luis.*
    Bartender: I think you've had enough.
    Luis Alvarado: Whu(Hic) What? I-i-i-i-'m fine.
    Bartender: Sir, I'm going to have to cut you off.
    Luis Alvarado: SO,, you're trying to cut me. Jus(burps) becuz I am the best at uh, uhm drink.
    *Luis gets up from his barstool*
    Luis Alvarado: Well, put up those things you call HANDS up and fight like a man, not with a Knife.
    *Luis stands up ready to fight the bartender but hears his phone ringing*
    Luis Alvarado: Hol' on I'll finish you later.
    *He answers his phone*
    Luis Alvarado: Ah, hoy, hoy.
    Person on phone: Luis, where are you and what are you doing.
    *Luis looks around*
    Luis Alvarado: I'm am at the Skyroad bar about to fist some barkeeps face with muh fist. May I ask who is asking.
    Person on phone: Oh, Jesus Luis. I'll be right over.
    *The person hangs up the phone and Luis slowly turns back to the bartender*
    Luis Alvarado : Okay you piece of sh-
    *Luis notices the bartender has called in 2 incredibly large bouncers*
    Luis Alvarado: -ining example of human life
    Bartender: Can you get this drunk out of here.
    Bounce #1:Our pleasure.
    *Both bouncers grab Luis and begin dragging him to the front door*
    Luis Alvarado: Aw com-(hic) On it was jus a joke.
    *The bouncers throw him out the front door and into the rain*
    Luis Alvarado: Well, this can't get any worse.
    *Luis looks up and sees Vanessa York*
    Vanessa York: Jesus Luis, you're a mess.
    Luis Alvarado: You know, this isn't so ba- (hurls)
    *Luis vomits all over himself and Vanessa's shoes.*
    Vanessa York:(Disgusted)Thank god, it's raining.
    *A disgusted Vanessa York helps Luis up to his feet and hands him a wet nap and a mint*
    Vanessa York: What happened to you Luis? Nobody has seen you since the Pay-Per-View.
    Luis Alvarado: I'm a loser, Senorita York.
    Vanessa York: You lost 1 match Luis.
    Luis Alvarado: It was for the title.
    Vanessa York: In a ladder match.
    Luis Alvarado: At a PPV
    Vanessa York: Wasn't your fault
    Luis Alvarado: Still a L.
    Vanessa York: You will be fine you always come back in the end.
    Luis Alvarado: D-D-D-Do I really? From what I recall I don't.
    Vanessa York: Come on now, that's just the alcohol talking.
    Luis Alvarado: No, this is t-th-the truth talking; I always start off strong and end up getting humiliated in the end. Happened when I was the Panda, happened at the end of the old place and the downhill jam is starting once again chica.
    *Luis takes a seat on the steps of the bar,*
    Vanessa York: Luis, it's not that bad.
    *Vanessa York takes a seat next to Luis*
    Luis Alvarado: It is, I have nothing now. When I started at the old place I had it all, family, friends and something to care for. Now what?
    Vanessa York: What about, your Modeling, or Tv Shows, or whatever else you did. You're pretty well off, more so than a lot of other people at Exodus.
    Luis Alvarado: The wealth of money is lonely compared to the wealth of family.
    Vanessa York: Yeah, I remember the Duro incident.
    Luis Alvarado: Once he passed I was in distraught and that's when I lost my mask. After that I left everything behind the gym, the students, mi familia. I'm a disgrace.
    Vanessa York: Don't say that Luis.
    Luis Alvarado: Say what? The truth? The truth hurts, but it's true. I have nothing, I have no one.
    *Vanessa looks down at a puddle forming in the rain then looks back at Luis*
    Vanessa York: Well. . . . You have me.
    *Luis looks at Vanessa in shock*
    Vanessa York: And I can't have you like this. This isn't the Luis I know.
    *Vanessa stands up*
    Vanessa York: The Luis I know isn't some woeful mess of a man, the Luis I know is a charismatic wrestler who doesn't take no for an answer, he's a guy who didn't let losing his mask keep him down. He got right back up and started climbing his way back to the top of the mountain. You didn't even let the move to a new company slow you down, you picked up right where you left off at the old place; That's not counting what you did there or the stuff you did outside of wrestling. And that's you Luis, You are a modeling star, a TV star and most importantly an extraordinary Luchadore.
    *Vanessa looks down at Luis and reaches out her hand*
    Vanessa York: You are not this depressing slump.
    *Luis looks at her hand*
    Luis Alvarado: You know what?
    *He grabs her hand and stands up*
    Luis Alvarado: You're Right. I am all those things, I am a modeling star, I am a Tv star, and I am the best Luchadore IN THE WORLD!
    Vanessa York: That's what I like to hear.
    Luis Alvarado: Well, my voice is very sexy.
    Vanessa York:(sighs) That's the Luis I know.
    *Luis gleaming with motivation looks at Vanessa*
    Luis Alvarado: You might hate me for this but. . .
    *Luis goes up to Vanessa and gives her a big hug*
    Luis Alvarado: Thank you.
    *Luis lets go of Vanessa*
    Luis Alvarado: I'm going to go get ready for my match.
    *Luis hails for a cab*
    Vanessa York: Luis, wait!
    *Luis about to get in to the cab*
    Luis Alvarado: Si Miss York !?
    Vanessa York: Good Luck!
    Luis Alvarado: Gracias!
    *Luis gets into the cab and drives off to the arena*
    Vanessa York: Wait, he's still drunk. Ah He'll be fine.
    *Vanessa heads to her car*
    Vanessa York: I hope.