Drug Legalization

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  1. Time for some controversy... or maybe not.

    Granted, there is still a lot of specifics I don't know about the war on drugs and all the factors that could go into making drugs legal but I know enough about it to form an opinion, so here goes:

    At the moment, as slightly disturbing and perhaps a bit unrealistic as it may sound, I'm strongly leaning in favor of drug legalization. If all drugs were legalized, then the Pros would be that drug dealers and drug cartels (also not forgetting that gangs make their main profit from drugs) would be out of business. Ever since alcohol became legal, there have been no gangsters selling booze or whatever because people can simply buy it legally. If all drugs were legal and regulated as best as possible, then there would be no reason for the sale and purchase of these drugs through illegal or criminal means, because they would now be sold and regulated by the government. All the violence associated with that as well - gangs warring with each other over corners for their dealers to stand on, cartels warring with each other, etc., would disappear. That also means a lot less people in prison. Not just the people dealing or using drugs, but the people in jail for murder as a result of drugs. Like gang members committing homicide on others as a result of a gang war that escalated as a result of wanting to control the drug trade.

    This would mean that police could spend their resources (time, energy and money) elsewhere. They wouldn't have to lock up people for the use of drugs or spend time making cases against drug cartels or drug lords. The legalization of drugs would take care of those people for them. That would be a lot of money saved (estimated to be at least 40-50 billion) but of course much of that money would just go to the creation of those drugs to be sold legally. But even then, the government is making a TON of money from the selling of drugs, especially when they tax the hell out of them.

    Now, the Cons of making all drugs legal is firstly, that it's probably a disturbing idea for some. Making hard drugs like cocaine or heroin or crack or (especially) meth available to buy just like that, probably concerns some people. Despite the use of drugs being the person's own free will (I happen to think free will is an illusion, but that's a philosophical debate for another time), drug pushers and drug lords are already see as evil people because they are feeding that person's habit, having no concern of their addiction and health and how badly they are destroying their own lives, so long as the money is worth it. If the government started selling drugs, there might be the same issue, with people thinking the government is just making a ton of profit on other people's misery. Which means even if the money went to things like education, it would feel wrong for many people, thinking the money was provided from other people's misfortune. The second problem would be that there might be the danger of a few people who would try out drugs as a result, people who may have never even thought about it before, either because they were illegal and they didn't want to get caught and/or because they had no connections to known drug dealers. And some of these people may end up as addicts themselves.

    Overall though, I think the Pros would outweigh the Cons. We're still saving (and making a ton of money) and since people are gonna use drugs regardless, at least we can eliminate the drug dealers and the violence they cause as a result of their drug wars. And the government continues to make a shitload from the sell of drugs. On top of that, when they are legal, we could more easily educate people (similar to tobacco and alcohol) on the dangers and content of what each specific drug is, rather than just throwing out the "Stay away from drugs, they're bad" line that obviously isn't enough to scare a lot of people away from using drugs.

    Now, this of course isn't as simple or as neat of a resolution as it might sound, and it isn't probably realistic to think it'll happen in our lifetimes (people have been calling for the end on the war on drugs since the 80's at least, and we're no closer to it ending now than we ever were before) but it's something to think about. (At the very least, I think we can all agree that weed should be legal. It almost can't even called a drug, and cannot be compared in terms of harm and/or violence with legal drugs like cigarettes and alcohol, so what's the problem there? The government could make a ton off weed.)
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