Drunken personalities

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Paul Diaz-Berrio, Jan 11, 2019.

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  1. The inebriated wrestlers of WWE have always been a touchy subject, but sometimes they could be downright funny, like Brie Bella and Paige. I mean, when they got drunk on Total Divas, I LMAO. It was so funny how Brie stood on the table and spread her arms wide, asking the local pub goers to make her feel like a rock star, before running down the pub and flipping over a couch.

    Here's You Tube's memorabilia for that particular event...

    By the way, did Brie cut herself under her right arm? How'd that happen?
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  2. For some reason your post reminded me of this.

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  4. Speaking of drunken stars, let's not forget about Scott Hall. I still remember the time in WCW when he came out pissed for the first time. It was scary because nobody'd expected him to act the way he did. I still see him falling over and throwing up. Bischoff came out and he looked visibly concerned, almost breaking character on screen. Who else recalls that day?
  5. It was a work, they made hall act drunk and disorderly to the ring, he wasn't really drunk on TV I think. He claim he drank every night at this time in his life, so WCW wanted to exploit that into a storyline. WWF did the same thing with Hawk and LOD around the same time.