PPV DUALITY. - Results

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  1. Hey, guys. Your friendly neighborhood Reborn here. I'm posting the results for @Sanic who is currently suffering from the flu, therefore the league isn't really his main focus right now. Wish him well!


    Intercontinental Championship.
    The Champion
    Joseph Diamond. @CiV
    The Challenger
    Tyson Blade. @Electro

    This match ended in a no contest when Alexander Diamond attacked Tyson Blade during the match. Trent Kingsley has stated that there WILL be a rematch on the next episode of Saturday Night Precision for the championship.

    Survival Championship.
    Hell in a Cell.
    The Champion
    Spencer Hyde. @Reborn
    The Challenger
    Chris Young. @impactking

    WINNER: Spencer Hyde.

    In a match that saw a lot of (literal) ups and downs, Spencer Hyde prevailed in the end when he was able to strike Chris Young with
    Revenge Therapy to get the pinfall.

    The Golden Opportunity Invitational.
    Lyle "The Machine" Bronson. @Cero___Miedo
    Yuri Black. @Averous
    Antonio Stark. @The Anarchist

    WINNER: Yuri Black.

    Yuri Black came out the winner in this contest, he was able to pin Lyle Bronson with his signature Tiger Bomb to become the number one contender for the World Championship.

    Unification Match.
    The World Heavyweight Champion
    Will Neilson. @Sanic

    The Precision Champion

    Jack Rogue. @Geek773

    WINNER: Will Neilson.

    Will Neilson has officially unified the championships! In a close contest that saw many near falls, Will Neilson got the win and unified both titles with The Perfected Bullet.
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  2. Time to finally beat @Sanic
  3. NB I kicked out of literally a billion things in this match, vid incoming. If Jack had to lose, there was no better way in character for that to happen. GG to @Sanic who was narrowly better on the day. Rogue isn't done. :emoji_slight_smile:
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    The most important match in Precision history:

    Edit: Three Perfect Bullet kickouts and two Kingdom Clash kickouts... I think I look pretty strong xD