Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

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  1. Name 2 true things about yourself. (Ducks)
    Name 1 false thing about yourself. (Goose)

    The person below you has to guess which one is the goose.

    I'll start it off...

    1.) I drive a red truck.
    2.) I was in love with Bret Hart when I was a little girl.
    3.) I had to get rabie shots once.
  2. 3.

    1. I love Macaroni and Cheese
    2. I've seen someone die
    3. I shaved my head
  3. Twas 1. :pity:

    3. :obama:
  4. 1.) I am afraid of heights.
    2.) I never left Ohio.
    3.) I wear dresses every day.
  5. 3!

    1) I'm in a relationship with my former teacher.
    2) I don't have a favorite color.
    3) I was a varsity player for softball
  6. 1 unless your teacher is a pedophile creep

    1) I'm in a relationship
    2) I grow an amazing beard
    3) My favorite color is orange.
  7. 1.

    Yepp, it's true. :emoji_kissing_heart:* Sorry! :emoji_slight_smile:) I played softall, but never went varsity for it. I'm a Volleybal Varsity Player tho! So the goose is 3.


    1) A friend of mine is a cousin of Dave Bautista.
    2) I drank more than 10 times already.
    3) I'm a morning person.
  8. Picture or it's not true.
  9. We have no picture together... :// Concept of "hidden"?
  10. Well that just seems weird to me. I won't judge and good luck with that :smug:
  11. :emoji_kissing_heart:* Thank you!
  12. oh no problemo :-)
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