Duck Dynasty.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by seabs, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. This show is bizarrely interesting despite it's dull premise. Si is hilarious and Phil slaughtering a duck for the school careers day had me laughing. It's very unnatural at times but what "reality TV" isn't? So has anyone else seen this collection of beards, ducks and bitches?

  2. I havnen't, but all my friends watch it. It seems silly to me. Is it really that entertaining? If so i'll watch a sode.
  3. I've seen maybe 30 seconds of the show and it quickly became apparent to me that this show is trying to appeal to the lowest levels of society.

    I see retards in 'Duck Dynasty' shirts all the time. Spoiler: They never look like someone you would trust to watch your kids.
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  4. I know it's trash TV but I ain't help but watch it when I see that it's on. Their way of speaking combined with their way of life is so different from mine that its interesting to watch. Not to mention that old coot Si says some hilarious shit.

  5. I think that's it with me, there is nothing really interesting but it makes me want to watch more for some reason. Kind of like Raw in an odd way, Si does have his moments too along with Jase.
  6. Oh hell yea. This show has grown on me. Jase is the shit.
  7. I got stuck watching this when i was "away" last summer, and it isn't that great. The one liners are great, and the old men are dope. Mountain man is something else.

    Not impressed, honestly. More trash aimed at overweight/challenged white people who enjoy watching how TMZ-esque people write a script trying to be "real." I will say im sure this is > Jersey shore, pass on that show.
  8. Watched maybe one or two episodes with my mom, it was alright. Didn't stick on me though.
  9. Watched it a few times. I usually watch things like DD and Storage Hunters etc... When my mind has collapsed in on its self after a long day at work. Its nice brain dead tv.
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