Kayfabe During and After: Des Pierson vs. The Amazing H

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    *After 2 sets of 15-Min Iron Matches, we see the ring announcer, Talia, call the ref over to ringside as Des and H, both beaten to hell, watch on. The ref and Talia then re-enter the ring, Talia raising the mic to her lips*
    Talia (ring announcer): I have recieved word from the General Manager of Exodus that yet again this match will restart, however this time it will be the first fall that decides the victor!
    *Talia makes her way to the ropes, which the ref holds open for her. Des has now set his gaze on H, who has kept his eyes on the ref, waiting for the signal to go. After Talia makes it onto the apron however, Des rushes H, nailing him in the side of the head with a jaw-breaking Superkick.
    The ref pushes Des away, but Des shoves him out of the way, pulling H back to the center of the ring and stomping him repeatedly. At this point, the ref just decides to ring the bell, Des now setting his sites on the legs of the Amazing H, weakening them so that he would be unable to kick out. After a few blows, H is able to kick Des in the already injured knee, forcing him to stumble back. H then quickly makes his way back to his feet, and as Des turns around, H throws his shoulder into Des' shin, forcing Des down to the mat.
    H goes on to return the favor, delivering multiple kicks to the leg of Des, eventually locking in an ankle lock to weaken it more. Des tries to pull himself to the rope, however H is able to pull him back and re-engage the hold. Then, using the strength in his arms, Des flips the two of them onto their back, and uses his other leg to, yet again, kick H in the jaw, breaking the hold.
    Des quickly makes his way to his feet, noticeably with a slight limp, as H checks his jaw while using the ropes to get back to his feet. H doesn't stay on his feet for long though, as right as he turns around, Des uses what strength he has left to lift H up onto his shoulders and hit him with one more Sudden Edge. As H collapses to the mat from the kick, Des falls on top of him, hooking H's leg for the cover*

    Referee: ONE...TWO...THR-
    *With not even a second to spare, H is able to kick out from the maneuver, Des in complete shock at this point. He quickly rushes over to the ref*
    Des Pierson: What the hell?! That was three! ONE TWO THREE!
    *Meanwhile, while Des is yelling at the ref, H struggles to get to his feet. Des then grabs the ref, pushing him backwards, but H, now on his feet again, spins Des around and hits him with the GTS Penalty Kick. Following the connection of the second knee, both men collapse to the mat. After a few seconds, H crawls his way over, laying his arm across the chest of Des Pierson*
    Referee: ONE...TWO...TH-
    *A bit earlier than H did, Des kicks out of the pin. H grasps at his head in disbelief. He then looks to the ref who tells him that it was only a two. It is at this point that H knows what he has to do. He gets to his feet, and then makes his way over to Des. He lifts Des, locking his head between his legs and gesturing up in the air for the BWS. As H wraps his hands around Des' torso, Des lifts up, tossing H over his head and forcing H to land hard on his back.
    Des at this point, apparently filled with adrenaline, rushes over to H. He lifts H off the mat and locks his head between his knees. Then with a gesture of his hands calling for the move, Des hits the Amazing H with his own signature BWS, then locking him for the pin*

    Referee: ONE...TWO...THREE!!!
    *As the crowd explodes with some boos, but mainly cheers, Des falls to the mat. Chants of "THAT WAS AWESOME!!" fill the arena as the referee hands Des his Iron Man Championship, then helping him to his feet. The crowd grows louder as the referee raises Des' hand in victory, H watching on from a seated position in the corner.
    Des goes to leave the ring, but turns his attention back to H, who is making his way to his feet. After a second, Des walks back over to H, and the two stand their, staring down. After a few seconds though, Des extends his hand to H, H with a shocked expression. Cheers echo from the crowd, and after a few seconds, H meets Des' hand with his own. Des then pulls H close, whispering something in H's ear before patting him on the back and walking out of the ring, leaving H standing there alone.
    Chants of "You still got it!" echo, to which the Amazing H smiles. After taking a few seconds to look over the respectful crowd, H makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp*

    Patrick Evans: I think that was the greatest series of matches we have ever seen! I know you don't understand greatness very often, but you had to at least see it there, right James?!
    *At this point, we turn things over to the commentary team*

    Honorable Mention: @SupaHeeroh

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