News Dusty Rhodes Passes Away (Tribute Thread)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Forrest OAKADA, Jun 11, 2015.

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  1. Man, this day sucks. First Christopher Lee and now we lose a legend in Dusty.

    R.I.P Dusty Rhodes.

  2. Hard Times, daddeh!

    RIP true legend. One of the greatest talkers out there.
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  3. Fuck, first Lee and now this. Sad day. Rest in peace both of you. Dusty was one of my favorite old school dudes.
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  4. Even on commentary he was entertaining...
  5. He dined with kings and queens, and he dined in back alleys, on pork and beans.
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  6. That's sad news to hear.

    R.I.P. Dusty

  7. Summerslam 89. Dusty vs Honky Tonk man. Insane pre match promo
  8. Damn, RIP Dusty!
  9. First I found out Christopher Lee died, now Dusty. :cry: Not a happy day.
  10. Rest in Peace Dusty Rhodes. Have fun with the matches there with Warrior and Savage :sad:
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  11. Shocking and very unfortunate news to wake up to today. He looked to be in great health and overall happy, like I legit want to know what happened here. My thought to his family and if there's a time to drop the Stardust character, it's now.

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  12. Meltzer says he collapsed in his home. Kidney failure is suspected. But nothing is certain until a statement is made.
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  13. Also: the final bionic elbow.

  14. Jesus, what a loss. I hope we get Cody vs Golddust in an american dream outfit to kick out the Stardust bullshit and get them back on track. Cody should be an upper midcarder IMO, and hopefully Dusty's passing gets them out from under the shovel.
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  15. Great health has to be one of the largest overstatements i've read here. That includes BLFFL and FTJ's quotes, so you know.
  16. RIP Dusty. Wasn't old enough to have experienced his in-ring work but when he came back with his two boys at Battleground, the magic was real. Cody deserves a push and Goldy is amazing too. Going to think about the family tonight, this day has sucked. I want for them to let Cody become the main eventer (or at least upper midcarder) he should be and when he tributes his World Title to the American Dream, it will be a WWE moment worth experiencing.
  17. Dusty was either the reason you loved wrestling. Or the reason your favorite wrestler loved wrestling.

    Great quote from the WWE creative humor twitter account
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  18. I find it interesting that the final PPV main event and WWE Championship match that happened before his passing used a type of finish (the 'Dusty Finish') that was named after him and that he made famous.
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  19. This song, tho.
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