News Dusty Rhodes Returning To RAW Next Week

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. It'll be fun putting him in the element. I hope whichever one goes heel slaps their dad in the face.
  2. Calling it right now - Stardust

    The way they've been going with this, it seems like Cody will be gone for a while, if not forever. But, I hope that's not the case. I'm cool with Stardust sticking around, but not permanently, though.
  3. Yeah I think it's stardust... He will make the better heel in this feud and he can end goldust career and have them shake hands after the match.
  4. If shaking hands after beating Goldy is gonna turn him into Cody again, then I'm all up for it.
  5. That's what I'm thinking. Have a really good build up... Emotionally and all leading to mania... With stardust being the heel... Only leading to him showing respect as goldust retires. Then he comes out as himself on raw
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  6. Oh yeah, I'd like that.
  7. So we get Dusty's return, possible heel turn and the build up to Cody vs Goldust at 'Mania is real? :ambrose:

    IMO, as long as Cody comes back soon, I don't care who turns heel. Cody can do very well as a heel, even if I like him as a face. Goldust, IMO, is better as a face in this situation. Either way, the match will be great. Cody has one of the best movesets in the midcard and Goldust, since coming back in 2013, has been on a roll - simply phenominal in the ring.
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  8. I like u!
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  9. This feels like a year too late, but at least they're developing something between the Rhodes brothers again.
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  10. And this better be building towards a WrestleMania match, not a match on Fast Lane. A WM match would be so much better, with around 2 months of solid buildup... especially if Goldust is leaving now, because he's seriously underrated and has been phenominal since returning and deserves a proper sendoff in a match with his little bro that we've wanted for so long now. Y'know, if we get a Big Show/Kane match at WM and not Cody/Goldust... fuck. :heyman:
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  11. It will be fun just to hear the "Common Man Shuffle." I always loved that ring song. As long as Dusty does not come out in a tight bodysuit as either Dreamdust or Olddust, I should enjoy it.
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  12. Here's my thought:

    Dusty comes out and calls Stardust and Goldust down to the ring. He talks to both of them but really comes down hard on Stardust, forcing him to acknowledge that he's Cody, and that they should be challenging somebody (maybe the Usos? I can't remember if there's a title match at FL for the tag titles) at Fast Lane. So, we get set up Cody and Goldust vs. the Usos (or whoever). At FL, Cody comes out sans paint and one of three things happens:

    1) The Dust Brothers lose and one of them blames the other and attacks them, giving us Cody (or Stadust) vs. Goldy at Mania.
    2) Goldy turns on Cody at Fast Lane (blaming the fact that Daddy loved Cody more) and they lose because of it, setting up Cody vs. Goldy at Mania, with Goldy as the heel.
    3) Cody turns on Goldy at Fast Lane (blaming the fact that he was a better son than Goldy?) and the lose, but Cody comes out as Stardust again the next night and sets up Goldy vs. Stardust at Mania, with Stardust as the heel.

    But, we'll see.

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  13. Me like it. My thoughts exactly.

    The only problem is, we're most likely gonna get Cesaro & Kidd vs The Usos at FL or it could turn out to be a triple-threat with Goldust & Stardust being involved.

    But, they can also trigger the Stardust heel turn tonight by slapping either his father or his brother, or both of 'em for that matter.

    I've said it before, I just hope Stardust doesn't stick around permanently, I love Stardust, but I'd definitely love to see Cody back at some point.
  14. It doesn't really have to be a title match for the breakup to happen. You could also trigger a feud by a slapping or some such, as you've suggested.

    As to the viability of the Stardust character long-term, I'm pretty torn. I'm (obviously) a huge fan of the gimmick, but I don't see Stardust ever getting a serious run at the World title, which I think Cody has the tools to hold and carry well. So, I'd love to see him keep the gimmick, but I also hope he doesn't.

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  15. It's amazing how Cody has been Stardust less than a year but he does the character so much more brilliantly than Dustin does Goldust. But I agree. Even though he is fantastic as Stardust, Cody shouldn't be saddled with that gimmick for his career. Dustin hasn't been able to get away from it and it would be unfortunate for Cody to be typecast in it too.

    In essence I agree with Waco in that the character is great, but it's not a character that's going to be a major title holder for much. Before he left WCW, Dustin was thought to be an eventual world champion and it looks like that will never happen and that is likely due to the Goldust character.
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  16. Slightly askew of the topic, I wasn't at all aware that Dusty Rhodes actually used the Stardust name himself during his AWA days. I was watching this video where Dustin did his American Dream parody on RAW and he kept referring to himself as "Stadust." I did a little research and found out some new information.

  17. Dusty, Gold Dust, and Star Dust will eventually tell the WWE and World that they will be undergoing gender reassignment surgery.
  18. ^ K
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  19. What else needs to be said?

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