Dutch Mantell (Zeb) comments on impaired driving

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Wonder how he felt after he found out Swags was DUI, considering his granddaughter's unfortunate passing.
  2. Wow, that must be rather awkward. I love Zeb though, a fantastic wrestling mind back with the E'.
  3. That's sad. :downer:

    But must've been awkward indeed.
  4. Hopefully he talked some sense into Swagger.
  5. I don't think driving while high is as bad as most other things and from my experiences (with other drivers, not me) I'd rather be in a car with someone who was on marijuana than someone who was on anything else. If Zeb didn't see it that way I'm sure he gave Swagger his two cents.
  6. Driving while on Meth actually improves your driving.
  7. I figure it would be uncomfortable for Mantell to associate with Swagger afterward regards of how you measure how marijuana impairs driving. He was still under the influence of a substance and that could be awkward given the tragic circumstances that happened to his granddaughter.
  8. Well obviously it must have been a little awkward to see Swagger again for Zeb, although driving high is way less dangerous then what the other guy took.