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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Kassius HoHo, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. I guess I've been using the wish thing a little to much but screw it, if you had someone burn a top 5 of matches in no special order, of your favorite matches into a DVD which would it be and why.It can be from any company WWE, TNA, ROH, PWG, NJPW etc and if you want provide a small description if you want.

    1.Shawn Micheals vs Bret Hart-Wrestlemania 12[WWE Championship]
    -I know I've talked about this match before, being one of my favorite Wrestlemania matches of all time but some people consider it overrated and didn't meet their standards.It did meet my standards, Bret Hart being the veteran Champion who didn't want to give away his crown, and Michaels being the young Lion wanting his spot and live a dream like plenty of Wrestlers did at one time, being World Champion.I wish we got a best of three between these two, and not have that scar of SS 97 as everyone last image between these two.

    2.Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar-No Way Out 2004[WWE Championship]
    -Did anyone honestly think Eddie would win this match? I didn't but for the beginning of this match Lesnar was dominating the match with his style and strength, till Eddie showed his mental toughness and his skills he learned over the years.Now we knew Goldberg and Lesnar had their problems coming from the Rumble that year but, I thought their was going to be a confrontation after the bout.I always get chills seeing Cole say "c'mon Eddie, Eddie to the top rope FROG SPLASH..FROG SPLASH". "Eddie Guerrero is champion" was great to hear and he was only at that time the second Hispanic Wrestler to win the WWE Championship, and a World Title itself within the company.

    3.CM Punk vs John Cena-Money in the Bank 2011[WWE Championship]
    -This feud was white hot within the WWE in 2011, between Punk murdering everyone who wanted some on the microphone before and leading to the match with Cena.The match itself to me Cena's top three performances in his career, alongside his Wrestlemania rematch with HBK after WM 23 but this match flowed perfectly.You knew what was on the line, and the story was told great in the ring.Now the crowd can be the difference between a great match and a average match and the fans gave all their energy to these two warriors.Now I didn't see Punk winning the gold at that time, probably seeing a fucked up finish to where Punk would get a rematch and later win, but it was great to see Punk blow kisses to Vince leaving off with the title.Now I wished Punk and the WWE would of had their true champion do some dates in the Indies would of been the talk of the town within the IWC.Either way you wanna see matches from 2011 you better start with this one.

    4.Mr.Perfect vs Bret Hart-Summerslam 91'[WWE Intercontinental Championship]
    [Top three IC title matches of all time in my book, two Hall of Famers make everyone know this IC title is worth just as much as the WWE Championship at least that night.Perfect was injured was he not, and Perfect did the professional thing and stuck it out to give Bret Hart this huge title win.Also with the match going, you stay in the match especially with Bobby Heenan on commentary giving his jabs to Hart and the Hart family in general.I wouldn't be shock to say after this match people were needing some Tums for the stress that was filled into this match.Even the ending having Bret Hart wrench on the back of Perfect with the Sharpshooter ugly to see as a fan.After this win Bret Hart was on a roll, and no one could stop him.

    5.The Rock vs Triple H-Summerslam 98'[WWE Intercontinental Championship]
    -Greatness is the word for this match seeing two young stars rise up two levels after this match within a Ladder Match.Did he seem to you guys, the match turned from Triple H fans 90 to 10 percent to 50/50 towards the middle of the match? People were going nuts for each move they saw, involving the Ladder especially that People's Elbow on Triple H, fans coming out of their seats though.I know WWE probably wanted the Stone Cold vs Undertaker match to be talked about more, but my friends and I around that time were legit talking about that match that night and weeks after due to the quality of the match.Can I say these two were made into mega stars, and it showed to the WWE look at these two, the future of WWE and future WWE Champions to come.

    I was gonna post 5 more but too many to read for me, maybe I'll add another 5 later but what about everyone else's list?
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  2. This question is extremely tough for me, I've seen sooo many matches in my lifetime it's very hard to recall all of the most epic ones!

    I will say though that on my Amazon Wishlist I have: House of Hardcore 3 ready to be purchased.. That was one of THE best Live Events I've been to in a LONG time! The line-up was just epic in my opinion and almost every match was a helluva show!
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