Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Taker 20, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Can you tell me if the dvd the best of Raw e Smackdown volume 5 Undertaker vs Batista in the Stell Cage match is collection of Edge?
  2. There is the collection of Edge in Stell Cage?
  3. Theres a collection of steel cage matches Edge has been in?
  4. The collection of Momey in the Bank in 2007 to Edge,there is in dvd?
  5. Money In The Bank 2007?

  6. You Know very well,answer!!!
  7. He's not a troll you ignorant moron.

    He obviously doesn't comprehend English very well.

    Taker 20, the only Edge DVDs I know of are "A decade of decadence" and "The story of Edge"
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  8. Yes because everyone speaks perfect English and if they don't they must be a troll.

    Adam Logic.
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  9. But there is a dvd which is present the Stell Cage between Undertaker vs Batista and the collection of Edge?
  10. I think you're talking about there match at Survivor Series in 2007?

  11. Do you mean Undertaker vs Batista in Hell in a Cell at Survivor Series 2007, where Edge poses as a camera man and attacks Undertaker?
  12. Punk got there before me :tough:
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  13. No,Smackdown 11 May 2007,no Survivor Series
  14. Oh!

    A steel cage match, Batista vs Undertaker on SmackDown, then Edge cashes in his money in the bank contract on Taker?
  15. Yes,the cash of Edge there is in the dvd The Best of Raw and Smackdown volume 5 Undertaker vs Batista Stell Cage?
  16. Are you sure?
  17. never.
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