TV DVR vs. Streaming

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Bball_91, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Do you record shows or stream them later on? Maybe a bit of both?

    I tend to do both, DVR for the current stuff and stream the older things or things that are on channels that I don't have. Both the DVR and streaming is a big lifesaver with a rocky work schedule!
  2. Both.

    Just like you, I record some of the current stuff and some of my weekly shows. I use Netflix for catching up on older series or checking out new movies/series that I haven't seen yet. I just started watching The Tomorrow People on Netflix.
  3. I don't record anything. I'll watch it live or on catchup/on-demand later.
  4. As others, I seem to be doing a bit of both. I tend to watch more DVR than I do stream but it just depends on whats on and what I am able to catch "live" and what I end up missing. There are times that I have so many shows to watch that I am basically forced to record some of them.
  5. Sounds like me. I have shows that are on at the same time but different channels so I am forced to record one and watch the other. My DVR can only handle so many recordings at once otherwise it basically changes the channel on you.
  6. Sounds like Wednesday and Friday for me. I have around 4 shows on those two nights and have to try and dance between recording and watching.
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