Dwayne should get personal with CM Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. Dwayne should get personal with CM Punk like disrespect his loved ones like his sisters who hes close to, diss his girlfriend Lita. This would make the feud even more heated. And remember when Dwayne mentioned divorce lawyers in that song and then months later Cena actually divorced his wife lol. Dwayne so has to go down this path
  2. I'm sure Rock has a lot to say, but this is supposed to be a face/heel feud. Not a burial.
  3. Who are you to call him Dwayne?
  4. Dwayne doesn't hate CM Punk, The Rock does. Why would Dwayne mess with Punk?
  5. You mean like Jericho did??? Lol
  6. Punk should get personal with The Rock on Monday by making fun of his singing talent.
  7. No, going below the belt (if not completely accepted by other wrestler) will ruin the feud. It's great at the moment keeping it kayfabe, too many non-kayfabe things happen and it quickly becomes a bitch fest.
  8. I don't think Rock needs to get personal with Punk to keep it entertaining.Just good promos
  9. Faces don't really get personal with heels. It's the other way around. Jericho has already gotten personal with Punk so there's no reason to do it again. Rock can be entertaining in his promos without getting personal.
  10. I'm sure at the rock concert he will take a few jabs. I doubt it will go as far as the Jericho/Punk Feud though.
  11. Dwayne took a shot at Cena in that Rock concert where he sang about divorce lawyers and then months later Cena and his wife divorced. So Dwayne is bound to get personal with CM Punk about something in his life
  12. Rock and Cena had legit heat, that whole feud was built around immature personal non-kayfabe digs at each other. Punk and Rock are talented enough to make it entertaining without that bullshit.
  13. To add to Crayo's statement. Both Rock and Cena were faces as well so in my opinion they needed the personal jabs at each other to make it work. Faces don't do anything wrong so what reason would they have to face each other without a title on the line? They needed to make it personal. The fact that they have legit heat adds to that.

    With Punk and Rock the lines are clearly drawn.
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