Dwight Howard finally traded to Lakers

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Snowman, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/8252042/sources-dwight-howard-los-angeles-lakers-four-team-deal-complete

    Nash, Howard, and Kobe? Daaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnnn
  2. Nash, Kobe, Artest, Pau, JHoward....that is pretty beast
  3. Lakers vs Heat will be EPIC in the finals next year..

    also LMFAO @ Orlando. They are fucking retarded.. they dragged their feet for so long and turned down so many better offers and now they get stuck with a package spearheaded by Aaron fucking Afflalo

    and the first round picks they got are protected lmfao. Good God Orlando, just give up on basketball.


    Amazing 10/10 trade for Philly and LA though. damn
  4. Yeah, and Dwight Howard was a huge douchebag during the whole ordeal. Orlando should have traded him when there were better offers, and Howard should have realized that he should have just said he wanted to be gone from the start.

    People don't hate LeBron because he didn't want to be there, people hate him because he was for his hometown and was such a nice guy the whole time then fucked them all over.

    The sports world doesn't care so much if you ask for a trade/get traded/leave in free agency, they care more when they think you're going to do one thing and do another in a dick way.

    Regardless though, the Lakers are stacked, which I'm okay with since I love Kobe. Hopefully they can beat the Heat (the nWo of basketball)
  5. lol @ LeBron 'fucking anyone over'- bullshit. He played out his contract and then explored his options via free agency. The outrage came because of the ESPn Decision and the ensuing press conference where they celebrated like they'd already won and said he would win 8 rings. LeBron never said he was going to stay in Cleveland.. if that were the case he would have signed one of the extensions they were begging him to sign before FA ever came up
  6. Hey, I'm not pissed at him, but it was still a douchebag move the way it was handled. The whole "decision" was the fucking over of Cleveland. A normal person would have just done it and moved on.
  7. Actually, NBC Sports (and other sources) is saying the following:

    So, the Lakers lose Bynum (with one year left on his contract) and Josh McRoberts, and get Dwight Howard without even losing Pau Gasol.

    God damn
  8. 76ers and Lakers got good players. But man the Lakers are going to be sick this year!
  9. If Bynum wants to, he can opt for free agency and be signed by the Lakers next year hah. Unlikely, but wouldn't that be funny?
  10. Yeah but I think 76ers could be a bit better or maybe even worse this year. They lost iggy soo....


    But I think the Magic now realize they will be a sucky team for awhile.
  11. I think Bynum will sign an extension in Philly, but I wish he wouldn't. He will dominate though. Mark my words he will average 22 & 14 next year. I wish he would become a free agent and sign with Dallas or **Pipe Dream** Golden State.

    As far as Orlando.. pretty obvious they are playing for ping pong balls in 2013. I just think they could have gotten more picks, or at least picks that weren't lottery protected out of the deal.
  12. If Bynum is healthy, I agree. Though I don't think he'll sign the extension.
  13. I heard earlier this summer Bynum was willing to re-sign with an east coast city like Cleveland or Philly. I get the feeling he probably will sign a max deal with the Sixers
  14. Philly is going to get a boost though, I mean sure they lost iggy but they gained a big boost from Bynum now.
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