DX member working with FCW talent

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Aug 8, 2012.

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  2. That's good news, hopefully he'd given some advice to some Wrestlers about tag-teams.
  3. thats cool :yay: hope he can teach them some good stuffs
  4. Good! Finally, WWE are using PROPER former talent (instead of Al snow...)
  5. I knew it was going to be Billy Gunn when I read the title. Glad to see he is helping some guys out back. He is a good in ring performer and very charismatic, as well as good on the microphone, so he can really help all the new guys out. Hope to see him pop up on Raw or Smackdown every once in a while to at least job to new talent and put them over.
  6. Al Snow was a better technical wrestler than Billy Gunn by a long shot
  7. I think personality is the ingredient needed in most wrestlers that come out of FCW at the moment, not wrestling ability.
  8. Point being Al Snow is a good trainer, and as far as I know Gunn has never been a trainer, so there's no reason to sit here and pretend he's an upgrade.
  9. Is there not more than one?
  10. of course there is more than one
  11. Then why is substituting one wrestling technician for a personality technician not an upgrade? Presuming there is other wrestling trainers who are equal or above Snow.
  12. Billy Gunn isn't coming in and replacing Al Snow. Snow hasn't been with WWE for like 4 years.
  13. Al Snow. I remember him from the early tough enough seasons.
  14. Al Snow was a good wrestler!

    And still whoever they send down there it's a good for the new talent to learn from the veterans whoever they are!

  15. I think it's good they learn from any veteran. Doesn't mean they have to be the best, I'd rather have them learning from guys like The Godfather and Billy Gunn about wrestling then people like The Great Khali or Hornswoggle.
  16. Very nice, I'm sure Gunn will be able to help the talent on the areas that he's good in.
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