DX or DX?

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  1. Watching the DX reformation DVD, and I got to thinking, what do you of the WWE forum like better?

    Original DX? - HBK and HHH(With Chyna)


    DX Army? - HHH, New Age Outlaws, and X-Pac

    Just curious who you prefer.

    I prefer the originals since I always thought they had funnier antics:

  2. For me the later made the better TV, the sheer amount of them made for some great shows, Tanks, plastic masks to protect them from Sgt. Slaughters spit, dumpster trucks (second time I've mentioned on here today) to name but a few of the things I enjoyed.

    DX Army for me at the age of 12/13 (not sure if chronologically correct) were the best thing in wrestling, rude, obnoxious and borderline post water shed, everything an aspiring teenager wanted to be.
  3. It hard i like then both.
  4. I kinda like both equally. One incarnation that I do NOT like is the 2006-2009/2010 version of DX. Watered down, outdated and boring. I hated Michaels coming out to DX music at Wrestlemania 23.
  5. DX Army for me. Love the NAO, and have a soft spot for PAC.
  6. I'm a NAO fan boy, pac was always a weird one for me, seemed like he was just there so they had someone to wrestle at all levels.
  7. I liked both equally. Each DX had their own special thing that the other group had, but in overall they were all equal in entertainment.
  8. Hard to choose one, but I'll pick the DX army
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