DX2006's guide on what to pack for a week in running camp

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jul 28, 2014.

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  1. If your a cross country runner you know camp in the craziest shit ever and you gotta pack the right materials to survive. I'm probably the only XC guy on here, but if your interested here's what I pack for a 6 day camping trip.

    Your Footwear:
    Bring your trainers, your regular footwear, slide ons, all you got, take special care of your feet.

    12 days worth of clothing
    Your gonna break a sweat no matter how much running they make you do, I gotta do 60 in a week, you need spare clothing, also be sure to bring to money for a laundry room, you'll probably need it.

    What's a week of sleep away camp without pranks, bring you're water balloons, silly string, ketchup packets*, and baby powder.

    *People who have read Captain Underpants know what to do with those :emoji_wink:

    Mini TV plus gaming system
    This is a new thing we are trying for our last year, we got a small flatscreen and a wii, if we can't sleep, we'll just play some games!

    My camp has a dvd player, don't forget if yours does

    BRING TOILET PAPER GUYS, if your a runner, you shit a lot, you need it, also it makes a good weapon for prank war. Also don't forget, toothbrush, pasta, soap, conditioner all that, you gotta stay clean

    I don't know which camps have runner chics, there with hot asses, mine does, if you plan on losing your virginity anytime you do it, I mean I just got some trojans at warped tour, decided "eh, why not?" I could get lucky :emoji_wink:

    Food supply is recommended but not limited to:
    Show Spoiler

    Peanut Butter
    Reeses Products
    Candy (Any kind!)
    Chocaltate covered fruit
    Pop Tarts
    Sparking Ice Drinks
    Cheese Spray
    Cheez-Its/Cheese Nips
    Bacon Bits
    Beef Jerky
    Variety of Cereals
    Anything Good from Trader Joes that will last
    Trail Mix

    One thing you must remember... PEANUT BUTTER, thats your first priority on food, then Nutella, if your allergic, Nutella is first priority. I'm bringing a whole suit case of food, last year I had a Duffel bag, IT WASN'T ENOUGH, you get hungry when you burn all that fat and calories off, you gotta get it back, then repeat the cycle. Not just sweets, get some fruit too, whatever isn't perishable, you don't know if cold or hot shit will last on the bus trip up there.Or if you will even have a mini fridge, last year I did, I'm not expecting one this year. EXPECT NOTHING, also EVERYBODY GETS THIER OWN SUPPLY, first rule in my room, nobody touches my PB Pop tarts, they are mine. Have your rules.

    Fun Stuff
    This year We are bringing up tarp for a home made slip n slide, find stuff you can do to make running camp fun

    Does your camp allow them? Mine does, don't forget DS's, handhelds, phones, iPods, speakers all that, when kurfu hits your gonna want em.

    This doesn't just apply to running it can apply to all sports camps, do your best to make it last, this is my last year going to camp (and only my second) and i want to the time of my life, make it last brothers.
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