Dynamite Kid: Got what he deserved?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. After hearing some of the stories about the Dynamite Kid, I feel all the pain he went through later in life was deserved....thoughts?
  2. Link the stories lol, also I wouldn't wish his suffering on any man unless they had comitted murder or rape so I'm not sure if I can justify it.
  3. I haven't watched it all but it seems to be about steroids and dug abuse, dynamite did both so whilst it was his own doing he still didn't deserve what happened to him IMO, many have been in the same boat and haven't suffered half the consequences. This is like saying Eddie deserved to die because he abused drugs, they don't deserve it but they must accept it's possible.
  4. The dude put a gun on his wife's chin (as he says it himself in the interview) and ignored all the warning from doctors, who told him that he would end up injuring himself. So yeah, I have no sympathy whatsoever to this dumbass.
  5. He was an entitled douchebag behind the curtain who had a vicious mean streak. He was overly stiff and careless with himself and others in the ring. My sources are countless wrestling biographies that I've read. Dynamite is the clearest case of Karma I've ever seen.
  6. I hate to wish what he's ended up as on any person short of someone who killed or raped or otherwise fucked over other's lives in pretty bad ways, but he was an asshole prick by all accounts and I find it difficult to find sympathy for him.
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