NFL D'Z Dynasty League Draft Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 21, 2016.

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  1. Rules of the draft:

    Trading is allowed, but every team has to have 19 players, so if you have 2 players/picks outgoing you must have 2 incoming as well.

    No time limit... if you aren't able to follow the draft closely please provide a number so someone can text you.

    19 rounds

    You must draft at least: 2 QB, 4 RB, 5 WR, 2 TE, 1 D/ST

    Draft order is determined randomly by

    D'Z Dynasty League Draft Order Results

    Pick # Team Name
    1 @DK James
    2 @Senhor Perfect
    3 @Vice
    4 @GrammarNazi82
    5 @Just Kevin
    6 @Danielson
    7 @TheArabHammer
    8 @pottsy946
    9 @TNHOffical
    10 @Snowman
    11 @CrayJ Lee
    12 @Aids Johnson
    13 @Dolph'sZiggler
    14 @deth

    meaning Round 2 will look like...

    1.) Deth
    2.) D'Z
    3.) Aids
    4.) CrayJ
    5.) Snowman
    6.) TNH
    7.) Pottsy
    8.) ArabHammer
    9.) Danielson
    10.) Just Kevin
    11.) GN
    12.) Vice
    13.) Senhor
    14.) DK

    Also, before the draft starts if anyone wants to agree to outright swap draft positions that will be allowed as well. Suffice to say #13 is on the block if anyone wants to swap me lol.

    Remember, this is a dynasty league draft. Age is a factor. These players will be on your roster for more than just one season.

    Anything I've forgotten? If not...

    @DK James is on the clock, @Senhor Perfect is on deck and @Vice is in the hole.

    Let's get this done before September 8th, folks!

    I'll have a GOogle doc. spreadsheet keeping track of the draft up soon so it will be easy to tell who has been selected.
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  2. And here's the spreadsheet.

    D'Z Dynasty Draft Spreadsheet

    As players are drafted I will fill it in. It is in my sig so if you need to know what players have been selected there you go.
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  3. While I enjoy the quick and smooth flow of the draft with time limits, not having a time limit should make it less stressful for folks, too.

    That being said... unless your numbers have changed, I still have numbers for you @DK James, @Vice, @Danielson, and Rain. Let me know if you want text notifications or not since there's no time limit this draft. Thanks!
  4. I didn't figure we would need an official time limit for this group to get rambunctious if someone takes more than 15 minutes to make a pick.

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  5. Lmao chill, damn i REALLY did not want the first pick.

    But shit, gimme RB Todd Gurley.
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  6. I want Keyshawn Johnson
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    And with that, we're off.

    I really wanted a rage response from @deth for having to pick last
  8. In addition to having texts, if you guys want to utilize draft boards that is fine with me. Just be smart about who you are sending them to... ie right now if Vice was around but had to leave soon he could just PM me his top two choices and after Senhor picks I could make his choice.

    Obviously if you pick 6th don't send your draft board to the person picking 5th...
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  9. I'll take Antonio brown
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  10. And @Vice is up. :emoji_slight_smile:

    (If I need to quit tagging people let me know, just trying to be sure everyone is aware since we're just getting started. lol)
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  11. Gimme that sexy beast, Le'veon Bell.
    For future reference @GrammarNazi82 when my pick is up, shoot me a text because I'm dicking around on my phone way more often than I'm using the browser or actually on a pc. I'd hate to keep you beautiful people (excluding Snow) waiting
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  12. I'll take some DeAndre Hopkins action please. On to you, @Just Kevin.

    Haha, you've got it! I'll automatically text you then, regardless. Thanks for letting me know!
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  13. I knew this would run smoothly. I'll update the spreadsheet soon

    and I say the more tags the better

    @Just Kevin
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  14. Oh hell no Vice! You make me wait I'd... Curse... all... Your players...

    Darn. That's too idle of a threat. :haha:

    PM me if you can y'all. Easier to get ahold of me via email right now so I don't let me keep you 23 hours again taking third string receivers on shitty offenses
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  15. Now just sit and wait to receive 100 PMs when your pick is up. :haha:
  16. Just got home from work..

    I'll take Cam Newton

    @Danielson , you're up.
  17. You don't have my number anymore?
  18. O'Dell Beckham Jr
    @TheArabHammer ur up
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