NFL D'Z Dynasty League Thread: Season 1

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. Fuckin plebs
  2. Psh.

    probably so
  3. Shhh don't tag Senhor
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  4. I had till today, it's done. Slave drivers
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  5. lmao I thought it was Wednesday until about 2pm at work today. I also didn't bookmark the league, anyone hook an Aidsey up?
  6. Ok so why am I FORCED to have 20 players on my team? Makes no sense. Hakeem Nicks isnt even signed to a team so I dropped him but im forced to pick him back up. Really lame.
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  8. Think of it as a 19 man roster :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also since I'm already tagging you, yeah the NFL being back is the best time of the year :yay:

    But you won't be loving NFL season come Sunday watching your Bills take an L :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Theres just no point in having the dude on my roster so why do i HAVE to have him there? It really makes no sense to me

    And naw bro haha Tyrod's boutta kill y'all. You a Ravens fan right? Godspeed. I predict the Bills startin off 2-0, i pray im correct
  10. hahahaha Tyrod, trying to win championships with dudes we threw on the scrap heap. How cute! Pfft at least you can pummel the Jets with one hand while holding this L with the other :emoji_slight_smile:

    It's because we meant to have 19 man rosters and he accidentally made them 20 and he couldn't go back and change the settings, so we'll just have a useless dude on the roster instead lol
  11. :mad1-61:
    We'll see who's talkin trash come Sunday, bud.

    I mean I understand that but it dont make sense to me why we absolutely have to have 20 on the roster lol. I know the max # is 20 but its not like anyone needs 20 players. Dont see why its such a big deal to drop them.
  12. 62 points... I feel like I just prematurely ejaculated.. busted my load way early and won't have anything left come Sunday.

    @TheArabHammer about to lay that hammer down on my ass!
  13. Your ass is gonna get pregnant bro.

    Set my lineup, 3 players not even on teams :Aids: i'll get to that someday. Gonna be leaning on #12 hard this week.
  14. Whats it fucking matter. Shut up
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  15. The next fucking person to drop their 20th player...



    It is to fix my fuck up. Just leave it alone and stop bitching you faggots. I feel dumb enough as it is about fucking up the settings now stop being retards
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  16. I know what i'll be doing before work this morning.
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