DZ "leaks" some unpleasant Miz pics.

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  1. If you watched RAW this past Monday you would've seen a segment involving Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and minor involvement by Miz's current stunt double Damien Sandow (or Miz-dow).. I found the segment to be quite entertaining and pretty goddamn comedic.

    The reason why they did this is most likely due to the recent nude leaks that came from the likes of some celebrities whether they were music performers or actresses..

    Miz Pic #1 (open)
    Pfft of course they had to get Damien involved, tsk tsk.. oh well still pretty funny especially Sandow's reaction when the picture is shown.

    Miz Pic #2 (open)

    Miz Pic #3 (open)

    Here is the segment so you can watch it go down as DZ pokes a little fun at his Night of Champions' opponent..

    What'd you guys think of the segment?
  2. I found only the first pic funny (it was the third one when they showed it on TV.) The Miz and Sandow's facial expressions when they were outed on that one was pretty funny.
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  3. Yeah I posted them in reverse whoops lol, but yeah their reactions were great when that pic of Sandow spraytanning Miz popped up.
  4. I was entertained by that segment, it was a very good one.
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    I'll probably get more dislikes for this, but Miz was the victim in this segment... don't most people sympathize with the victims in this?

    Anyway, Miz was surprisingly funny and Sandow was hilarious as usual, Ziggler mic time always gets a :yay:, so... yay, baby steps?
  6. Miz was hilarious as usual??!?!

    I don't even know you anymore :upset:
  7. It sucked. The crowd was dead and ziggler was not funny. LAME waste of time.
  8. Edited! :otunga:
  9. I bet he's fucked Miz.
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  10. I WANT NAKED MIZ PICS :emoji_angry:
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  11. good least they're giving Ziggler some mic time and a title....he's not jobbing like Sandow.
  12. It was rather amusing! Especially when The Miz was warning Dolph using hand gestures and Sandow was mirroring it.
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  13. Brilliant segment. This is definitely the turning point. I am now back to watching WWE on the regular.
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  14. Funny thing I noticed is that these picks were most likely taken backstage right before the segment. If you watch the video clip you can see at about 3:00 as Miz is backing out of the ring that he is wearing what looks to be the same underwear that is in the pic with the shower cap and the face mask (same color scheme). So either it's a coincidence (doubt it) or they were just taken. Just made me chuckle to myself when I noticed that.

    What got to me the most about this segment being modeled after the celebrity leaked pics is that those were mostly self-taken by the celebrities weren't they? 'Selfies' if you will. Not one of these pics of Miz is remotely close to looking like he took them of himself. Way to cover the details WWE creative! FAIL
  15. Dude... Really? That's so gay.
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  17. :blackshock:
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