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  1. Paige >>> Alicia

    Thats all I got to say now come on from seeing that performance Alicia put on Raw thats nothing special. Paige is the top diva in WWE now and she beat Alicia again
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  2. Another Paige thread?? You can't just bump one of your 50 others with this "non-threadworthy" post?? Reported simply because it's not thread worthy and could go in roughly 75% of your Paige threads that were already made.

    I'll humor you though temporarily.
    Kayfabewise Alicia Fox was due for a character change, thus they aren't gonna let her go out there and be a beast because that would make no sense. There this discussion is now over within 2 posts.. Which makes it NOT A NEW THREAD WORTHY.
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  3. Do you realize that WWE is scripted?

    Ps: Alicia > Paige.
  4. Paige is the top diva sure she does have the belt after all. However that isn't really saying much. Also I don't see what discussion you want to have here @BrockLesnarFanForLife feel free to tell us what's what if not I'll close this thread.
  5. So say it in the other HQ threads you already made and stop spamming. Thanks bby.
  6. Paige first ever NXT womens champion and first ever youngest WWE divas champion holding both titles at the same time this right here shows how great she is. Alicia doesnt compare to that. Lets not forget Paige was busting her ass at 13 years old when she started wrestling and I can imagine Alicia was probably whoring herself out to different modellng gigs yeah classy not. Paige is the top diva in WWE now and she will stay up there
  7. So were discussing whether she will remain top diva for a long time? Its a good thread actually.
  8. Paige got her ass kicked 95% of the match and won with an out of the blue leg chop/sweep - Just like she won the belt.
    Seems a bit of a pattern already, hard to see anything interesting coming out of it. AJ needed a break, they didn't want to put the title on a diva who everyone was bored with already, so they added a little unpredictability into the mix by pinning it on someone few have ever heard of.
    As far as the Alicia character change, I'm afraid that all it does it reenforce stereotypes people have of blacks being unpredictable psychos prone to mindless violence. Was a pretty good chimpout actually, but rather pointless.
  9. How you dissected that is beyond me, no disrespect but literally '
    Is another fan girl post about how "good" her favorite wrestler is and flaming another wrestler (respected Diva IMO) simply because she was booked to lose?

    If you use Search Forums for "Paige" related topics there are at least 3 that I could see this going into, personally I count 5.

    So basically whenever Paige beats someone we're going to put a thread up instead of just adding to the.. oh idk "Paige" thread that's already been made? Seriously anything Paige related should go in there.. not sure how she's this popular to warrant 21 separate topics (some discussing the same thing) within just a couple of months.
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  10. Paige is becoming the John Cena of Divas.... get the crap beat out of her and then out of nowhere she's Supergirl, hitting her finisher (which is shit btw) and getting the win. It was and is tiring to see Cena do that and it's becoming tiring to see Paige do it.... perhaps they just don't trust her to handle an entire match worth of moves... one move and done is something you don't have to be that talented to do.

  11. I agree completely.
  12. [​IMG]

    Not really just found the picture and wanted to post it somewhere. Why not here?
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  13. I can't really rate Paige's main TV performances yet. Most of the time, she's just taking punishment and then snatches the victory right at the end. Dare I say, it's similar to a Cena performance?

    No doubt that her matches are a little more entertaining because they're doing stuff that the ladies don't normally do anymore - like superplexes and more painful looking moves - but it seems Paige is more than often baring the brunt of this and seems like a crash test dummy.
  14. In my honest opinion, Paige couldn't hold a candle to Alicia. Most Divas couldn't

    Victoria Crawford (Her Name Back In The Day) was one of the best rookie divas in OVW to over-come the odds and become a female wrestler. She is everything we've wanted in a WWE diva. Microphone Wise, Wrestling Wise, She has a fantastic set of moves. (Granted she may not be the best of the best, But she delivers.) She's worked hard for what she has got and has been in multple storylines such as the scandal of Edge's affair on Vickie Guerrero.

    She then Debuted with DJ Gabriel and was easily liked within the ECW audience. Her perky attitude and dance moves made it absolutely easy to fall in love with her.

    She also sells move's like a boss, Is smooth in the ring and certainly easy on the eyes. With everything Paige has accomplished I would say that people would forget about her easily as everything she has done has been rushed. Everything that has been given to her has made no impact what so ever. She was the first ever NXT women's champion however there was no exictment brought with that.
    Only one match made it worth it and that Was Emma Vs Paige at NXT Arrival. (The only highlight of the match that caught the audiences attnetion was Emma's Powerbomb which lead to a chant belittling Batista's Wrestling skills. (Which By the way.. #BetterThenBatista)

    With everything going, I do believe Alicia Fox deserves to be given that championship one more time. For all the boosting and jobbing she has done for all those girls over the past four years.

    Sorry Paige Fans.
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  15. All of you on here need to go do your research and watch Paige from her shimmer days on the indys, watch her matches on NXT and you will see how talented she is. WWE have big plans for her considering they gave her the divas title on her debut, they promote her during Raw
  16. While we can debate if needs to be booked differently on Raw, nobody can argue them trying to fix Alicia Fox is a bad thing. They've given Alicia a character which leads the number of characters in this division to 1. And that's a good thing for the entire division, and if Alicia gets a title shot despite it not making kayfabe sense, we all know Paige isn't losing the belt, so shush.

  17. [​IMG]

    Seriously, You make a thread about Paige every time she does something.....Why can't you just leave it in one thread?

    Your Obsessed about Paige....Which make me think that your some creep who secretly observes Paige....aka TMZ (just with celebrities).
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    Sorry dude already been down this road, it's a complete waste of time.. Just join in on any of her threads, don't make even the slightest noise about it, it's not worth the time trying to explain yourself. Just accept a future filled with Paige threads about the slightest things she does, I'm going to make one here soon on her exclusive interview on being the youngest diva's champion.

    You're right BLFFL, Paige >>> Alicia Fox based on beating her again on that RAW match... TOTALLY gnar gnar.

    In response to the entirely made up topic out of nowhere taking place inside this topic:
    Paige will be a top diva for awhile simply because there's jack shit in that division as far as "top tier diva talent" goes.