Summerslam DZ to Turn Heel @ SummerSlam

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  1. "Almost immediately after the WWE Draft and brand extension, WWE officials answered those fans by proving that the “New Era” of WWE will be one without glass ceilings when they booked Ziggler to face Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship at WWE Summerslam. However, some people are said to still be unhappy. Dolph posted the following last week about the backlash on him getting a WWE title shot."

    So there is a rumor going around about DZ turning heel. Looking at the match up, if they were going to turn him, I think SummerSlam is the time to do it. I honestly can't see him winning the title but if they really wanted to give him a push out of no where and shock everyone, heel turn for the win. I am open the the idea. I mean I loved DZ as a heel a few years back. I think that if they had booked him better and allowed him more creative control over his words and gimmick, people would have gotten behind him more. They let him go stale and that sucks.

  2. Should change the title to "Superstar to turn heel?"
    Less spoilerish
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  3. It is a rumor though, not a spoiler. Nothing set in stone.
  4. HEELZiggler will finally mean something again
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  5. Had DZ turned heel right after he won that 6-Pack Challenge, I would've marked. A Superkick to Ambrose as soon as he got in the ring would've been fire.

    However, I'm diggin' the fact that there are no defined roles in this feud so far.

    Ambrose to win at SummerSlam.
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  6. Thought it said turn hetero tbh
  7. :hmm: So that means he doesn't ownly love woman?
  8. Honestly though, if Seth v Balor has the double turn then this might be too much. Can turn him the SD after his loss maybe, especially if Ambrose is moving on to Styles.
  9. They are doing a double turn for them? (maybe)

    And I think if they plan on having DZ have a run, they want to have him turn at the PPV, win or lose.
  10. Who even cares about Dolph Ziggler anymore? He's honestly become so boring.
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  11. That's probably the only point of the match imho.

    And if Ziggler turned heel post loss, wouldn't that imply Ambrose needs to settle it? Just feels like if that were to happen it'd start a program with the two. Guess Ziggler could superkick the ref or Shane if he's out there, but that'd provide minimal impact.
  12. He has been so dry and bland for how long now? If they want him to get over as a heel they would really have to sell it. Why would they just randomly have DZ have a match with Dean if nothing big was going to come from it? Like what is the point unless it was to either build a feud from it or "steal the show" so to speak.?
  13. They aren't building a feud, though. AJ v Ambrose is gonna be SD's big fall feud. Especially with Cena leaving post SS. This match is strictly a one-off, maybe two at most. That's why Ziggler turning heel on Ambrose AFTER the match doesn't make sense to me. Do it before, or after if it isn't on Ambrose. Only way after the match on Ambrose works is if they are gonna have another match, but that's it. And I'm not saying a second match won't happen, but two clean Ls in a row would kinda destroy any credit you attempt to give a heel Ziggler run.
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    Is DZ Raw or Smackdown?

    EDIT: Stupid question :dawg:

    What if he just loses it in the match then and gets DQ'd? Then someone else can come out to "calm him down" and start a new feud... idk like I just want to see the dude have one legit run and see how he does. I never hated Ziggler. Just felt bad for him.
  15. Urgh, can't DZ just go away?
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Personally I hope he cheats to win and it sets up a long feud with Ambrose. Ziggler is legit in ring talent and him as a SOLO heel would be sweet as hell, and bring Ambrose back to a more babyface look. I'd be interested in a few month feud, I don't get why they would have a one off SS match this big TBH.
  19. the fuck
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