D'Z watched Raw, and posted his thoughts ITT as he did so

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Opening vid package is Kane/DB/AJ.


    I hate this fucking storyline so much.

    Oh look it's soap opera AJ. Pardon me while I don't give a fuck. Fast forwarding.


    Big Show vs Brodus being advertised. Cena will 'make history'. Not looking promising.


    Vickie, annoying as ever. diaf you sexy bitch.

    Tons o Heat.

    Dem thighs.


    3 way elimination huh. D-Bry, not bad. Lemme fast forward his annoying ass entrance. Kane. Lemme fast forward his annoying ass entrance. CM Punk. Are you serious? This is some 2010 level TNA shit. Way to undercut the shit out of your last PPV WWE, you retards. CBA about this match TBF. ::Fast forwards to finish:: Oh look, it's AJ, shocking. Oh look, I still have zero fucks to give. Punk is hell bent on breaking his back GTS'ing guys he has no business doing it to. Looked like shit as well. D-Bry kicks him and wins. Okay, non-title match, who cares? Match accomplished nothing. D-Bry with 20 straight yesses. Piss off.


    ADR schmoozing Vickie. Nice. Dolph shows up. Officially marking. 10/10 segment.

    Ziggler has so much goddamn charisma. He delivers his lines flawlessly. He is just money at everything. Ziggler vs ADR, winner jobs to Sheamus Friday. Should be a helluva match anyway. "Are these for me"- lmfao, Ziggler you boss. ::smashes vase:: :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect: Great segment.


    Brodus job-a-thon to Show. No expectations for this match. I hate oversized wrestler A vs oversized wrestler B matches. Boring already. Clay rolling around and Big Show lumbering towards him. lmao, that's it? What a finish. 5 months of build for Brodus flushed down the Big Show drain. Amazing. Truly amazing booking.


    Cena make a wish. Amazing. Zooming through this Raw in record time


    Bob Barker bullshit. :Continues fast forwarding.


    Big Show didn't bury Clay enough in the match, he goes all :bury: on him during the commercial. Outstanding WWE. you rule


    Recaps of HHH. Beautiful


    Lesnar next week. Finally


    Kane/AJ. Fast forward


    Swagger vs Santino in an actual title match. Swagger burial soon to be complete?

    Indeed it is. Fuck Santino


    Cena time. What a shit show this is. Just by his tone of voice I already know this will be horseshit. Stars Wars reference. [​IMG]

    Jericho. Okay. So Jericho and Cena will be in the MiTB match? GG Dolph, you just got F'd in the A. "You want to do something fun? Go in a bouncey house" - okay, that was hilarious.

    Thunder Thighs is back. Sup baby. Kane, Big Show, Jericho, Cena? Worst MiTB match of all time. Looks like DZ is going to be winning the WHC MiTB match instead. I'm guessing Mysterio will be put in that match as well? Who else is a former WWE Champ? Jericho vs Cena. Err. okay. I guess


    One Man Bang. Aight. I like where this is going. Who will he be buried by tonight? SID VICIOUS. OH. SHIT. MARKING. MARKING. MARKING. YES. DIDN'T SEE THIS SHIT COMING. FUCKIN DOPE. SYCHO SID. WHOOP WHOOP. AWESOME. CAPS LOCK. CURSE WORDS. EXCITEMENT. Damn, Sid looks great, yes homo. I doubt this return will be topped before the thousandth ep.


    Contract on a pole match? WWE secretly rehired Russo, this confirms it. ADR's entrance. Pants tent pitched. I definitely think ADR will win this shit, and if not I'll just go back and delete this before I post the message :haha: . Enough of DZ jobbing to Sheamus ffs. No Vickie ringside for Zigg, what a refreshing site. No massive face pop for him though :sad: . HOW DAMN GOOD AM I?. Okay, there are my Ziggler chants :obama: . These two need a proper feud. My two faves in the WWE tbh <3. More Ziggler chants. HOW DAMN OVER AM I? Samoan Drop off the ropes. Sick. These two could put on 5 star classics at a PPV. Not really a fan of this on a pole gimmick. Lame finishing sequence, and now Sheamus. :tough: . Triple threat? wtf. Just dumb booking.


    AJ Punk. I'm watching that :lol1: . I'm lying, I skipped it.


    Oh shit. Bitches in bikinis. Fap fap fap fap fap . Layla. omg. Aksana. Gat damn. Even Natalya looking nice. Beth oh my. Vickie... not the most flattering suit you got there. Keep the cam on Layla's arse plz. Please marry me Layla. AJ winning was obv. She looked pretty hot I gotta admit. She will probably wind up taking Layla's belt since she has become so beloved by everyone that isn't me.


    Cena/Jericho. Something needs to happen here or this was just a boring and meaningless Raw.

    Oh God. Big Show coming out is NOT what I had in mind. this show just went from a 1.5 to a .5.


    Rating: 0.5

    The good:
    Ziggler/Vickie/ADR segment

    The Bad:
    Big Show
    Basically everything that wasn't involving DZ or Sid.
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  2. Reading this was better than the 2 hours spent watching the show, nice gifs added in champ.
  3. God you need to do these for every show, so much more entertaining than the actual show itself. If only you did this for PPVs, lol.
  4. Just noticed I typed 'one man bang' instead of band for Slater. Freudian slip methinks
  5. you missed the best part of the show on FF...

    "AJ, im a monster. my only source of pleasure is vicerating people, and even I think your mentally unstable"

    kane FTW
  6. meh. Kane does nothing for me, AJ does nothing for me, and I hate the storyline. That line needless to say did nothing for me. I feel like Kanye West in the fishsticks episode of South Park. I just don't get why everyone loves this shit so much

  7. :laugh: This was fucking glorious.

    The entire IWC loves the AJ storyline, but what the fuck is the point? It just seems so... there. It's not accomplishing shit... Yeah, AJ's sexy, but Layla's a hell of a lot better and we have a reason to give a fuck... And how freaking good did Nattie look tonight, good god!

    I guess we should like the AJ thing, Dolph's... It's something.

    And the US Title officially has less prestige than the TV Title back when Robbie E had it. Good job.
  8. Tbh I actually think you're turning negativity into a gimmick. If WWE gave you Gold you would complain that it's not diamond.
  9. :facepalm1:

    I think you have been conditioned by WWE to accept bad shows as decent because you are so used to god awful shows.
  10. LOL at this I read it as I watched RAW and fecking peed myself.
  11. this more entertaining than Raw! make it a weekly thing!
  12. I generally do these threads any time I don't see a show live and am watching it on DVR. It makes up for not having a discussion thread for me.
  13. You got me.

    No seriously I think you've turned your natural negativity into a gimmick as all users on here now expect you to hate it. If this was a TNA show it'd be a 5/10+ with you outlining positives and negatives. I'm just saying, it's just boring. I never used to be able to predict your reviews on WWE, now I can predict word for word every week, and the product hasn't exactly changed much in the last 2 months, it's been sucky for a long time.
  14. Whatever you want to think man. I got off work, came home, and watched Raw while posting about what I saw. What part of the show do you think I should have enjoyed that I didn't? Did you read what I posted or just the final rating? I enjoyed parts of the show but can't get on board with Big Show, Cena, and Sheamus being as lame as they were which seriously detracted from my final rating. Cena's soliloquy, Sheamus coming out to interrupt DZ/ADR, Big Show being a fat turd, the stupid match stip between ADR/DZ, just bad booking took away from the show for me. I can't help that the show is being based around two things that I hate: Show/Cena and the love square.

    Looking back over it the only parts I enjoyed were DZ/ADR segment and match (before the clipboard came down, then it was corny + Sheamus ruined it) Sid, which was awesome, and the bikini shit. If you think I'm feinting hate, more power to you. Not sure what I can do to convince you otherwise, or why I should even try. I know I kid around and it's probably hard to take me seriously, but trust me, I am not hating for the sake of hating. This is just how I felt about the show.
  15. For bits I thought you would have enjoyed if you had an open mind towards RAW - I would say the Punk/Bryan/Kane storyline. Whether you like AJ's involvement or not it's a relatively unique storyline where we've seen some comedic moments and some relatively awesome moments. No one knew 100% that Punk was retaining at NWO, isn't that what we want? That feud has been great thus far, Bryan has eben put over by Punk lovely, Kane is now out of the storyline completely (A+ from me), AJ looks like she won't be getting involved any more (A+), imo that whole feud was for once booked to perfection.

    ADR/Ziggler was entertaining, I would rather watch a match that at least meant something (which it did) where the crowd were really into it than some uselses crap like we got with Santino and Swagger. The match stipulation took away from a potential great match but it didn't ruin it, it was unique and understandable stipulation. Sheamus coming out and announcing the SD match just made the whole segment feel pointless, but up to Sheamful's intro I thought it was really good. They're giving Ziggler matches which mean something in the SD main event, it's getting Ziggler over (as you can hear from lets go ziggler chants) and is giving him the slow push we all want him to receive. This is how we all say stars should be booked, slowly, from the bottom, then they get over. If Ziggler was shoved into the ME, he'd get ADR style reactions.

    Jericho interrupting Cena and making him look like the idiot he is atm. He said what we all want to say to Cena - he's not funny, he appeals to the kids and always gets given the opportunities and expects them. Plus, any Jericho segment where he looks like a boss is a positive for me. Cena needs to be in the MITB match to draw tickets, otherwise it's Cena/Show again, if you look at it from that point what would you prefer? With Ziggler busy in the SD scene getting his slow push (whether he loses or not) there's no one on RAW ready to take the MITB (Barret's injured, Cody's on SD and Miz is filming), so this was smart.

    We got awesome Slater mic time again, Sycho Sid returned. Overall there was quite a few positives which should equal positive ratings. The whole show wasn't based around Cena/Show, a lot of it was I agree. But Brodus/Show was a match where I was personally interested as I thought we'd see serious Brodus - we didn't - but either way it was a match that made sense. If it was Henry in Big Show's boots, I'd be marking out at him destroying Brodus again.
  16. Jericho was good, I'll give you that, but the segment all things considered was average since you had to watch 5 minutes of Cena Star Wars jokes to get to Jericho. I already gave props to ADR/DZ. Slater/Sid was great, did you not read what I wrote about the segments? And the Big Show/Brodus Clay was just dreadful.

    And so yea, I don't like the AJ/three stooges storyline. Sorry, I just don't. I want it to go away. I don't care about AJ, I don't find her character entertaining, and it's just not for me. I understand that on the Internet if you don't like something popular you have to be labeled a contrarian who is a hater, but I can assure you everything I said is how I feel. There is no gimmick involved with my feelings on any of this.
  17. Dude you can quit the provocative statements and just debate the subject bro.

    I read every word of your post, I was just labelling the positive in detail to attempt to understand how you rate it 0.5 when some relatively good stuff happened. On a show where Daniel Bryan is looking great in the WWE title hunt, Ziggler getting his push with ADR and Jericho owning Cena, I didn't think we could possibly rate this below 5 if you compare it to some of the shit we've seen recently if you mix it with Slater, Sid, AJ (for me), Kane getting the boot and a bikini match it has to be over 0.5 surely?
  18. The rating was a bit hyperbolic because the ending was retarded and left a terrible taste in my mouth. If you had me hooked up to a lie detector I'd say the show was a 2.5 or 3. That's what my point has been this entire time though. Reading what I said about the show gives you a much better idea of what I thought about the show then just the .5 rating I slapped on it at the end of my post. Basically if I hadn't rated it and just let my words speak for themselves we wouldn't be having this meaningless discussion.

    Also you saying 'in comparison to the shit we've seen recently' proves my point about you being conditioned by WWE's shitty shows.
  19. We still would have because I felt every segment - even the not so bad - was getting the negative hammer. But if it was just a spur of the moment thing then I understand. I remember being stupidly pissed off with Jericho's first troll return in the discussion thread, then making a thread immediately after RAW praising the troll.
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