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  1. Was watching my man Dirk get embarrassed last night, so I'll watch now.

    The opening video package is the Bischoff sendoff, and it starts with Flair in the ring. SMFH, TNA, get your fucking priorities straight FFS


    Okay, have to admit Flair is funny, but we're seeing too much of him lately.

    "I am Ric "G.O.D" Flair"
    "You don't wanna piss of someone wearing a thousand dollar shirt, two thousand dollar shoes, and a five hundred dollar alligator belt!"

    Flair vs Hogan... end this shit ffs


    "What do I gotta do, take dixie back to the Hard Rock again??"-- Flair is sort of on fire rofl :baws:


    Flair on the panel of gut check huh? That is actually not bad



    Velvet's glitter titties are always okay with me.

    I'm sort of okay with this Tessmacher vs Gail feud. Tessmacher obviously won't win, but she has improved in the ring so whatevs.
  2. D'Z watched Impact

    Slowly starting to love Flair on the mic.

    Still shouldn't get as much time as he's getting.
  3. RE: D'Z watched Impact

    He's definitely hilarious, but he should be 'feuding' or beefing with someone younger who could get over by dueling him on the sticks, not wasting time with Hogan. That's the problem I have with TNA & the old guys. They have their place, they just don't know how to use them.

    Same with Hogan. If he can manage to be a regular GM who gets 1 or 2 segments a show and just does what a GM should do, I'm fine with it. But when he spotlight whores and nobody really benefits from it that's when it pisses me off.


    Tessmacher's ass deserves it's own museum. Also Gail is the best lady wrestler in the world. She can carry these 4 chicks who can barely work to a decent tag match. Impressive.

    I'm sort of on board for how they are using Gail.. basically the challenger beats her a bunch of times leading up to the title match, but Gail wins the championship bout. It gives us tons of Gail, but doesn't bury the division in the process


    RVD was actually a little less cringe worthy on the mic than I thought he would be.. but that's not saying much.



    Roode, boss on the mic as always.

    Hardy vs RVD & Anderson vs Roode.

    I suppose we may get a couple of decent TV matches from that.


    Devon vs Bigger Rob is actually entertaining me.

    Devon diving headbutts? fucking sweet. I hope they put him in a feud soon.. it might be with Big Robber & Bigger Rob based on the outcome of this match.


    lmfao Flair is killing it. Bruce Pritchard is the third judge, walks up and Flair says:

    "Nice to see. how about answering my calls about my raise??"


    Flair shitting on Alex Silva.. I totally agree! Silva sucks!

    'oh he has potential!' I don't give a fuck! leave his ass in OVW ffs. he FUCKSUCKS!

    oh and I don't mean to sound gay, but Al Snow is a sexy bastard. no homo

    Al Snow just mentioned twitter Crayo. First mention of the night, and it was because of Gut Check voting. I knew Impact wasn't twitter crazy like you were saying.

    I'm upset that they are giving Silva a contract. He sucks.. if he makes it, everyone makes it
  4. Love your commentaries.

    I'll be watching impact soon for the Roode promo and flair bits. But he seems to be the total focus of the night by the sounds of it?
  5. Gutcheck segment had a great amount of shoot feeling to it, which made it second best part of the show along with Bully/Borash/Aries brilliant stuff.

    Alex SIlva is fine, you D'Z. :boss:
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  6. This Hardy/RVD match is decent, but just seems a bit off, like most of RVD's matches these days.
  7. Apparently that was a legit shoot Testify.
  8. Botched interference. okay, I can live with that finish. Good way for RVD to get the win and not hurt Hardy's momentum.



    lmao Bully. "I didn't punk you out enough last week??"


    Bully punking out Borash ftw


    You bowing up to me?!?!
    You take one more step forward I will drop you!

    "Stop being a little bitch and stick up for yourself campaign!"

    rofl. Bully Ray- the best thing in wrestling period


    Aries- "Do you know who I ammmmm?"

    this segment just went from great to amazing


    Aries is GOD

    'In case you forgot, you spent most of your career not as Bully Ray, but as Blubber Ray. A big fat, pasty, poster boy for all you can eat buffets & type 2 diabetes!'

    holy shit that was good. Such an awesome segment.

    Can't wait for this match. Fucking awesome feud.


    lmao Daniels. "Why is he so grumpy all the time? Man, he's always winning matches what is he so pissed about?"


    Angle/AJ are suddenly having a PPV match? Not complaining because who wouldn't like seeing that, but storyline wise it doesn't add up.
  9. TNA has the YT channel Dolph. You don't have to quote everything. #JustSayin'

    I heard Hogan said so Crayo, and it does seem that way. That was a great reality-show-like segment, and I'm endorsing these kinda stuff.
  10. I just quote the lines that make me lmao. Lots of good one liners on this ep

    :boss: deal with it


    TNA really thinks we care about the 'AJ's secret' storyline? ATTN: TNA: we do not.
  11. Well, I read next week's spoilers, and I suddenly do. Not because of what it is, but bcuz it could get AJ alive and back to main event scene, IMO.
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  12. gtfo of here with your spoilers, no matter how vague they may be
  13. The Ray/Aries and Ric Flair segments were awesome. Can't wait to see Ray/Aries on Sacrifice. MOTYC potential.
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  14. Alex Silva is terrible at WOO'ing. I don't see what's so special about this segment. I still hate Alex Silva


    Indeed. They have great chemistry
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  15. The David/Goliath storytelling could be off the charts. See: Ray/Styles from last year.
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  16. Okay, that segment turned out pretty good. This ep has been entertaining throughout


    Why does Anderson walk like he has Andre the Giant's fist shoved up his ass?


    Yea, I love when Ray works with the smaller guys. Both Aries & Ray are experts at working the crowd and telling a story in their matches, so it's one of my more anticipated matches in quite some time


    I enjoyed this Impact quite a lot. I'm liking a lot of the storylines, good segments throughout, and no shitty matches.

    I'm willing to go up to a 6.5/10, almost want to give it a 7.


    Okay, I really loved the ending with Roode leaving, but then coming back to sneak attack RVD

    fuck it, I'm going SEVEN out of TEN. Really fun show throughout
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  17. Yes, real good edition of IW. I didn't care too much for Nero Harvey vs. BobVD, but the rest was solid/very good (even the TV Title match), and I'm pleased with this episode, especially with my man Bobby Roode kicking the day lights out of everyone in the ME scene. 7.5/10

    BTW, thanks for watching with us Dolph.:otunga:
  18. Any wrestling show is more enjoyable when discussing it, so I like doing these types of threads. They usually end up being multiple page rants by me, but this ep was actually good.
  19. Lol'd hard at the Andre the Giant reference.
  20. Very entertaining thread, D'Z.

    8/10 from me, but I'm taking a wait and see approach on Alex Silva.
    Any episode with multiple Bully Ray segments and a long A-Double promo deserves a freaking high rating. No complaints other than Hogan and RVD's Mizish promo"

    I love how they teased the generic "Babyface runs in, heel runs away like a bitch" and actually swerved us. Thank you.
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