D'Z watches Smackdown so you don't have to (Don't read this review)

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  1. A couple of pre-show notes:

    1.) Last week was my first SD viewing in a couple of months, so I'm still just getting back into the SD saddle
    2.) I wanted to come into this show being VERY OPTIMISTIC and look at the show in a vacuum instead of over analyzing everything to depth but THEN
    3.) I saw a few people bitching about how everything felt very unimportant on this show and it turned me off SO
    4.) Expect the same old shit with me bitching about how hard WWE sucks


    [size=x-large]After watching this show and writing this review, I'm advising you to NOT read this review. It's as uneventful as SD itself. Anyone still reading this review even after my warning just know that you can't hold it against me, because I told you not to read it. [/size]


    'From San Diego California!' and you knew in that instant that Rey Mysterio would open the show. Hopefully ADR comes out and further lays the ground work for a SS match between the two.

    Annnnnd here he comes. Thank God, because the first 90 seconds of Rey's promo had been unbearable.

    ADR wasn't any better tbf, but HERE. COMES. DOLPH. F'N. ZIGGLER. Yay :yay:


    DZ is the best on the stick by a mile between these three, and it shows in this little segment. Rey chimes in 'if you ladies have beef why don't you shut up and get it on right now!!!'- so corny. And here comes Sheamus. Is this how literally every SD opening segment goes? They just keep adding and adding more people until eventually everyone tuned in stops giving a shit?

    Sheamus and Rey are of course bros. Yawn.

    Overall just a corny and pointless segment with a dash of Ziggler being awesome. The ghost of Teddy Long still GM's SD I see.. nobody wants to see Sheamus/Rey vs ADR/Ziggler


    Primo and Epico + R-Truth/Kofi vs PTPs & Hunico/Camacho? What is the point of this filler? Why would Primo and Epico want to team with the tag champs? This could have been an awesome match if it was a 4 way tag team match for the belts, but this is just dumb. 8 man tags are never a good thing. EVER.

    Match lasted about 2 minutes before everyone decided to just jump into the ring at once. How very typical of WWE.

    PTP's win on some botched move by Darren Young. I AM EXCITE

    As far as WWE cliche pointless 8 man tag team matches go, I guess you could say this was a 'good' one, whatever that means. Does WWE not realize if you would simply take two of these teams and put them in a proper feud you could actually develop a sense of the fans giving a fuck about them instead of making us sit through this?


    Btw Big Show came out to bury everyone involved in the match to remind you that the tag team division doesn't mean shit, in case you had somehow forgotten. It seems like this happens once every few weeks, a random unafilliated superstar coming out to bury the tag division. Kane did it a while back, and now this. Just pathetic. #wwelogic


    Raw Recap. Smackdown knows how to make me hate it


    Sandow vs Ryder. This is actually nice.

    Ryder interrupting Sandow's promo. Not cool bro.

    Lmao, complete squash match. Poor Zack. Why not give them 7 or 8 minutes and not make Ryder look like a chump? fucksake. A longer match is better for Sandow as well. WWE, you are dumb.


    How dare WWE drag Christian into this abortion of a storyline. Skipped


    I find myself in the midst of a DB/Kane match after skipping the happy couple themed episode of the Peep Show. OH JOY.

    And of course AJ interferes. How titillating. Please get Kane back involved in this storyline just for the lulz. He and this awful angle deserve each other.


    More videos already seen on Raw being shown on SD. Good time management

    Slater vs Animal huh? I can dig it. RIP Hawk. "Heath Slater finnin ta get beat up!"--- well thanks for the spoiler, Booker, goddamnit.


    Truly God awful segment between Vickie and Ricardo. Did a 4 year old write that?


    More Raw 1,000 advertising. Oh thanks Smackdown, I'd nearly forgotten :facepalm1:


    Main Event time already? lol, this episode is pure shit.

    Don't care about this match, but ADR's new Goldust themed attire is pretty fly. I guess he's still feuding with Sheamus? And DZ is in the picture.. who knows what happens at SS with those 4 + Jericho still in the picture with Dolph.


    Sorry for the awful review, but not even the review master myself can make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Just an uneventful and boring ep of SD. I think I wrote the word pointless 10+ times in this review

    :finger: Smackdown
  3. skimmed just like i'll do with SD when watching it here in a quick minute. Good heads up on where the few watchable moments are brah.
  4. Good Review!
  5. Show was so bad it wasn't even worth it.
  6. I thought it was quite a good show to be honest!
  7. Well send me whatever drugs you are on and next week I might be able to enjoy SD as well


    I disagree, but thank you.
  8. Lmao. Thought there was some have decent wrestling in it with some moderately entertaining segments, I enjoyed Sandow/Ryder, Road Warrior Animal, the 8 man tag, Ziggler in the first segment and the tag match with the bits that didn't involve Sheamus. It was a step up from the usual crap we get from Smackdown.
  9. I liked last week's ep a lot more tbh. Sandow/Ryder had potential but was a retarded squash match that makes Ryder look like a bitch. 8 man tag was just filler and resulted in the tag division being buried even deeper by Big Show, and Ziggler was okay, but not enough to save lame segments/matches from Fella and Mysterio.
  10. Ziggler was great in opening promo. I didn't watch the rest.
  11. I thought he was just okay. Not good enough to counteract how bad the other 3 were in the segment. and I didn't bother to watch the ME tag match either; just skipped to the end
  12. Fuck totally forgot about Big Show, the segment was decent up until then as well. That did defeat the purpose of the entire segment.

    Mysterio - as much as I dislike his character - is something fresh and he's still a great worker, so not too upset about him getting air time. Though he needs to change his shitty moveset!!

    Last week was better but a decent show IMO. Again though it would've been soooo much better without Sheamful.
  13. It was okay up until that point; like I said as far as random & meaningless 8 man tags go, it was decent. Why WWE can't just book a proper feud between Kofi/Truth and another team is hilariously awful though.

    As far as Mysterio- yea, he is over and all that and can work a decent match (his god awful moveset aside) but it doesn't mean I'm not bored when he is on the stick or on the offensive during a match. He just doesn't interest me unless he's jobbing to ADR at SS.
  14. Wow coming from someone who actually tried being optimistic, I'm going to not waste my time watching this SD.
  15. Raw was the best WWE show in months.
    Sheamus wasn't on it.

    D'Z, excellent review, what you didn't say said more about the show than what you did. You can't bash the point of something pointless.

    0/10 show. Despite nothing noteworthy happening, they still managed to book this show unbelievably bad.
  16. I wasn't blown away with Raw like most, but I thought it was okay, which probably did make it the best Raw in months
  17. I was blown away by Raw actually being decent for a change. Couldn't believe it.
  18. I find Rey interesting because it has been years since I've seen him perform besides two weeks of Raw. I used to detest him as a 11 year old child and I doubt I will be any different as a 16 year old.

    Totally agree about Kofi and Truth. Presume they will be feuding with PTP soon though, will be interesting to see how they do in an actual fued. (both teams)
  19. I watched it on Youtube (first SD I watched since the supershow back in March) and didn't think it was bad at all. Maybe because I was expecting something much worse and was pleasantly surprised that what I got was pretty decent.
  20. Nice review, informative.
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