D'Z's overly critical take on the RR

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. I see a lot of praise being dished out for the Rumble and I'm sitting here wondering why. I see the majority of the people rating it a 8+ and I'm just like :pity2:

    I'll tackle the show chronologically

    We opened with what I will controversially call the HIGHLIGHT of this show. Back when all of you dweebs were hating on ADR I was singing his praises all across the boards saying he would kill as a face. And guess what? He's won you all over. He and Big Show worked a fantastic match. Great selling from both guys, amazing psychology, sick spots, clever finish. I loved it from start to finish. And Del Rio is OVER :adr: as :adr: fuck :adr:

    The tag team titles match was neither a help nor a hindrance to the show tonight IMO. All of the guys were their normal selves but the match was nothing special. It was fine, but that's all it was.

    The Rumble match. Good match overall, sure. Ziggler & Jericho having excellent showings was the clear highlight, but was it the only highlight? We had Kofi spot monkeying it up in a pretty overblown spot honestly. Was nothing compared to the handstand shit from last year and will do nothing for Kofi.

    Cena not only won, but he dominated. The most trouble he was in was against Bo Derrick or whatever her name is. Speaking of which, fuck that guy lmao. And he got so much airtime getting talked about which clearly indicates they like the kid. :eww: Puke

    The ending was set up to be great. You had Ziggler, Cena, Orton, Sheamus & Ryback. But they fucked up from there. And that's what will ultimately stick with me from this match. First of all you have Orton dominate for a short stretch once we were down to these competitors, and the crowd actually ate it up. Then you had Orton eliminated by Ryback, and the crowd booed him for it. They only got on Ryback's side because this was such an anti-Cena crowd.

    Anyhow, after Orton goes, Sheamus inexplicably fucking boots ZIggler out to set up the Final 3 of the super faces. Nobody was happy about this. Correct? So if the finish was unanimously hated, how can everyone be so pleased with the match? I don't get it. Ziggler/Cena was the clear final 2, but instead Ryback gets the rub of being the second to last man standing. And Cena wins. I mean... :cornette: gross.

    The main event. Man oh man. Rock was... poor. We all saw it. The match stunk. It was scripted poorly, sure. It was based around Rock's "internal injuries" and Punk dominated the match. Seeing a tiny shrimp like Punk dictate the match and own Rock for so long was far from entertaining. Then Punk hurts his knee and that becomes the focus of the match. It was slow like a 1980s match in Smokey Mountain wrestling or some shit. The Shield part was retarded, and the dusty finish, while tricky (you got me Vince you sonofabitch) was far from a satisfying ending for anyone. Rock became what most of us hate, a Superman who won't quit and did it for the fans, and we are stuck with Rock/Cena II with Cena winning the strap at Mania.

    edit: Oh and Rock's promo tonight sucked dick. It was good up until around the time he finished talking about his mom. Then it reached Cena 2010 levels of corny.

    I'm sorry, but this PPV was average at best. The main positives were Del Rio finally starting to become recognized as the beast that he is and Jericho returning for another run (I'm assuming). The negatives are obvious. A terrible outcome in the rumble and a very poor main event.

    If I'm being polite I'd give them a 5/10, if I were feeling like a dick I could go as low as a 3/10
  2. I'd have to agree with you. Jericho coming back was the highlight of the PPV for me.

    WWE has successfully made me hate my favorite PPV.
  3. I guess it's hader to get angry when you know Cena is going to win. With that I mind I just enjoyed Ziggler, Jericho, and I must admit I was marking for Goldust! Putting Ryback at 30 threw me for a loop a bit, it was the only time I questioned Cenas victory, but that was short lived. rock/Punk was what I expected it to be, lots of rest moves cause of the not fully healed knee and the insufficient cardi respectively. I enjoy the fact that no one kicked out of a finisher right after it was performed (like every Cena match) and was generally surprised to see the elbow seal the deal. I'm also pretty sure everyone's ranking is higher cause it was a pretty good PPV by WwE standards, take that for what it is.
  4. I expected Cena to win but why does Ryback need or deserve to get the rub of being the last man eliminated? Easily should have gone to Ziggler. Or at least have Cena eliminate Ziggler. Fuck having Sheamus do it forfucksake

    Also, predictable outcomes don't bother me. Bad outcomes bother me. I knew Rock would win and I'm thrilled with that outcome ((just not the match quality)
  5. Agreed, but you know as well as I do Vince/HHH are high on Ryback. Funny how they didn't trust him enough to put him in the match for a longer period of time.
  6. Better than Cena Vs. Rock though.
  7. I don't see how you could say one of those terrible matches was better than the other.
  8. Spanish announce table botch made it better? :jeritroll:
  9. Cringe worthy, also I thought Rock legitimately injured his knee there.
  10. This match had better spots. :maybe:

    - Spanish Announce Table
    - Flying Elbow on The Rock near the announcing table
    - It was a faster paced than Cena's match. :pity1:
  11. He might have, the man is a beast though, unless it was torn beyond repair he'd keep going.

  12. Rock does a DDT.

    Lays down.


    This match was hardly faster paced. if the Cena/Rock match was going 10 MPH, this one was going 12.
  13. More like 14. :maybe:
  14. wayyy to predictable

    the first match was ok, was hard to see the big show not booked as an unbeatable giant, and rr duck taping him was epic, ADR is fucking over like you said

    the tag team match ... meh... i like kane and db, but i think its time for RS to get the belts, they´re great together and i wanna see DB in singles competition

    the rumble...i like it til sheamus kicked out ziggler, the whole idea was to have ziggler / cena as the last 2 standing, but if you go with ryback, at least give him some more credibility and momentum, that shit with cena was weak, anyways, we knew cena was going to win, but i was hoping wwe would surprise me.

    and the main event...like i said in another post.. WEAK, dont drop the belt to a fucking elbow, ive grown seeing the rock matches, he has waaaaaaaaaaay better matches than this one, thats for sure, it just let me a bad taste in my mouth.

    ill give it a 4/10

    it was great to see jericho back, hope it is for the long run :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Dolph's, a wise friend once said that us longtime fans "have to hold on to the little bones WWE throw our way, no matter how little meat may be on them."

    We knew Cena was going to win, but the match was phenomenal. We don't want Twice in a Lifetime, there are several other booking quirks I'd love to change, but the one guy in the rumble you care about had a phenomenal showing. He'll be WHC after Elimination Chamber and all will be well in the world of Ziggler. If you would have said this when you posted http://wweforums.net/thread-10413.html you'd take it in a heartbeat.

    The match results sucked, we all knew they would, hell, you called everything last August and we all knew you were right. May as well see the positives (the match quality was fantastic) and hold on to them.
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  16. The positives are so minuscule though that I can't see why everyone is so googoo over over this PPV. Had Ziggler eliminated Sheamus and made the final 2 and lost to Cena I could see a more acceptable silver lining to this predictable snorefest
  17. And he shall henceforth be known as Dwayne 'The Botch' Johnson.
  18. It's quite amazing that on a night where Cena and Rock won the Rumble and WWE title respectively, the three biggest stars were Ziggler, Jericho and Alberto Del Rio. That first match was MOTN by an absolute mile, and that's not even a controversial opinion, it's almost undeniable. Big Show isn't all that bad really, he's worked a few good matches recently and gets a tonne of heat, I still want him to fuck off and retire but he's still got some uses. Jericho's return was awesome, really didn't expect it at all. He and Ziggler then stole the show during the rumble, lot's of exciting spots where they were almost getting chucked over the ropes, having to skin the cat etc, should have finished with those two, Ryback and Cena.

    The Rock was horrendous. His pre match promo was one of the worst I have ever seen him deliver - constantly fumbling over lines. The content was crap as well, and as soon as he mentioned his Mum having cancer that pretty much guaranteed he was winning. The match itself was painfully bad, Punk did just about all he could do with Rock, he looked gassed about 2 minutes in lol. At least his selling was as good as usual. Though rather unusually by my standards I managed to figure out the swerve at the end, as soon as the Shield came out I knew Vince was gonna restart it.

    Overall I'd give it a 6, really underwhelming PPV.
  19. Yeah Rock's promo(s) sucked, he looked nervous. Disagree with almost all of it but it's pointless going into that, I do agree with the ending of the Rumble being retarded, Ziggler being eliminated so randomly by someone who just can't get over is ridiculous, considering how long he stayed in there. Why Shield have suddenly given up on Ryback is beyond me, if they do continue with the Ryback/shield storyline then why didn't Shield cost him to keep his momentum going? Instead of Cena just burying everyone. The Rock/Punk match is hated on too much imo, people expect 5 star ring skills from a guy who wrestles like once a year and never trains, good job. The psychology is what matters and it was good.

    Did anyone expect Cena not to win? Anyone using that to effect their ratings is silly. I was so damn sure I made a site bet saying ANYONE ELSE other than Cena winning and you win... Come on, it was obvious. The only other solution to the Rumble was having Punk beat Rock (which is what I wanted) and then having Ryback win the Rumble. Overall though, I enjoyed the PPV throughout. No boring moments, excellent commentary, great matches, ADR was the highlight for me as well, actually no Jericho returning was. Was just a fantastic PPV imo.
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