E-Cigs possibly spreading Malware?

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  1. So the popular trend of 'vaping' via Electronic Cigarettes that has been on the rise for the past 3 or so years may not only be damaging your health but also could possibly be sending Malware to user's computers.. How so you may ask? Well a lot of the more popular "deluxe" brands of Electronic Cigarettes use USB chargers that you can plug into your laptop or other devices other than just a slot in the wall.. It seems someone had ordered a $5 e-cig from eBay that had been coded with Malware.. It's a pretty interesting story, if you do 'vape' via e-cigs my suggestion would be just to plug it into a slot in the wall and not your computer, cable box or gaming console with a USB slot..

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  2. or pussies can just smoke an actual cigarette lul
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  3. I quit smoking.. cigs.. and E-Cigs.. both bad for you, E-Cigs are just bad in a slightly different way.
  4. its for faggots
  5. E Cigs are for pussies.
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  6. Man if youre going to be thankful for one thing today,just be thankful you dont have to go through this generation of highschool.
  7. Did you beat everyones ass in highschool?
  8. I was more verbally abusive. I never got into a fight with anyone who wasn't willing to fight me
  9. In h.sn i just smoked weed and slept. P.s. Cigs da bomb but i do have an ecig for shits. Never use it unless I randomly run out. Tgars about it's max use range
  10. I never heard this but why would you charge this on your computer to begin with if you have access (which most of us do) to a USB wall plug charger? I have like 7 myself. lol
  11. Why would you buy an e-cig, to begin with?

    That's like buying an e-dildo.
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  12. :kermit:
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