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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, Jun 15, 2015.

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    It's that time again, nerds. E3 time!
    Yesterday we had the Bethesda press conference which can be viewed here. Where we were shown Doom 4, Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4! After that we got the Nintendo World Championships which can be viewed here.

    Schedule for the rest of the pressers can be viewed below.

    June 15:
    9:30am Xbox
    1:00pm EA
    3:00pm Ubisoft
    6:00pm PlayStation
    June 16:

    9:00am Nintendo
    10:00am Square Enix
    5:00pm PC Gaming Show (exclusively on Twitch).

    Want to watch the pressers live? Either use the official streams or watch on Twitch here.

    What are you the most hyped about? Get to talking, you lovable nerds! ​
  2. Bethesda did everything right for me in their conference tbh.

    They knew that the main focus would be on FO4, so leaving it till the end was good.


    Doom = It looks like a decent game but despite being called 'Fast Paced', the PC was slower than expected but the gore and violence shown...and the gameplay was sweet.

    Dishonoured 2 = Sign me up. Dishonoured was hard to get into at first but despite that, it's one of Bethesda's underated titles imo. Dishonoured 2 is going to be great if it's like the first one.

    TES:O = Eh.

    FO4 = Take all my fucking money now...Take £100 for that Pipboy edition. Honestly, the whole showing for this was great. The two gameplay vids were awesome as was the Gameplay trailer. We Get Crafting in both Armor and Weapons which is really sweet from what they show and WE GET TO CREATE SETTLEMENTS, YEAH! Honestly, this is something that I would of loved in a FO game but didn't know if it could happen...Bethesda are making it happen!

    FO Shelter = It looks like a sweet mobile game but...Why is it a timed exclusive for the iPhone? Nevermind, gonna have to wait for a while.

    Bethesda Rating: A
  3. What I took away from the Microsoft presser.

    Halo = meh, I'm over that franchise, same with Gears. Although I'd be willing to give the new Gears a shot.

    Recore = I'm interested, but I'd have to see something more than a CGI trailer to make up my mind.

    Backwards comparability = Biggest thing from this show. Good move.

    New controller = Who cares?

    Rare bundle = Nice little throwback to the fans, not like they are doing anything with the IPs either way.

    Pirate game = I'm listening.

    Tomb Raider = Looks real good, but I ain't buying a Xbox for Lara Croft, especially when its only a timed exclusive.

    The rest I have nothing to comment on.

    Overall this was a stronger show than years previous, who focused too much on the unnecessary stuff. Nothing blowaway tho but I don't expect much of that from the console developers this year, but rather from the game developers.

    Strong 2.5 on my 5 point scale. Which gives it a grade of good.
  4. My Turn

    Halo = Looks like this could bring me back to the series. I didn't like Halo 4 much but this was interesting, so I'll give it ago

    Recore = Fucking Internet, that is all.

    Forza 6 = Eh.

    Dark Souls 3 = GET.FUCKING.HYPE

    Backwards comparability = Biggest thing that was revealed, Can't wait to replay ME on XBONE

    New controller = I Care (a little).


    Rare bundle = Nice to see that Rare's classics aren't being forgotten when it comes to other games such as Battletoads and Conker.

    Pirate game = This was really interesting. A MMO type pirate game by Rare, maybe they'll be revived to make more games.

    Tomb Raider = Looks good but unsure on if I'll get it, never been to big on the TR games.

    [email protected] Games = some of these are interesting, some are decent. Cuphead seems like my favourite out of the bunch.

    Xbox Game Preview = Okay, this seems quite cool. Play the game for a while before deciding to either jump in or jump out. Elite: Dangerous, Long Dark, DayZ and Shelter are nice additions.

    Something about Valve VR and Xbox = I can't remember but the deal is cool if this is what I heard during the conference.

    Microsoft Hologram computer = This is interesting as well.

    GOW 1 Remastered = Eh.

    GOW 4 = Okay, This one looks good.

    Other stuff was decent just can't remember cause of shitty internet.

    Grade : B (bordering around a B/B+)
  5. Nothing on Metal Gear on the confs yet @Solidus. There's a trailer out tho
  6. Thoughts on EA:

    A lot of mediocre stuff with three highlights: Mass Effect Andromeda, Unravel and Battlefront.
    EA was as usual the most mediocre of the shows so far. But it was better than previous years because Star Wars.
  7. New South park game!!!!:yes:

    Best surprise ever hope the writing is as good if not better than the stick of truth
  8. Ubisoft has the strongest show so far.

    New South Park!
    For Honor looks fun
    More info on the new AC
    Ghost Recon
    Rainbow Six
    New Anno

    It had its obvious downside in Derulo being awful live. But I was entertained throughout.
  9. The new AC looked bomb and so did Ghost Recon. The rest were aight.
  10. Just saw the trailer for Cuphead. Looks amazing.

    Uncharted 4 looked dope as well.
  11. Just another extremely well put together trailer.
    To the people saying that the second Star Wars game was going to be a canon going along with the movie-- they put you on burst. The Knights of the Fallen looks fucking amazing!
  12. Should've checked before I posted, it's an Expansion. Knew it was too good to be true for next gen. Looks like I gotta start getting back into it.
  13. The Halo 5, MGSV and backwards compatibility made me cum.
  14. Halo 5 looked aight to me. The story is probably going to be good, but the multiplayer. ehn.
    I did enjoy the beta however.
  15. Just finished the Sony presser. Another strong showing from Sony. They hyped their presser up a lot and imo they delivered. A lot of fun thing. More Star Wars, more Assassin's, Horizon (hyped), MGS, Uncharted, FF7 the remake (MORE HYPE), No man's sky and more.

    Say what you want about Sony, but they know how to put on a presser.

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  16. Nintendo is on now folks
  17. Not a mass effect guy? :boohoo:
  18. Massive Mass Effect Guy. I noted it down as a highlight
  19. Then we cool:bischoff:
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