Games E3 2016. The discussion thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, Jun 12, 2016.

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    This kinda snuck up on us. But here it is. The 2016 E3 discussion thread. USe this to discuss the press conferences, news and notes from this years' Electronic Entertainment Expo.

    Broadcast schedule:

    Enjoy E3, you nerds
  2. Fifa 17 gets a full fledge career campaign mode. Putting you in control of a player named Alex Hunter, guiding him through his career, both on and off pitch.

    I hope you get to chose which club you play for in it and it isn't locked to Man United.

    Also. Managers have been added to the game.
  3. Visceral's Star Wars game is hype, still gonna be so long before it comes out.

    Andromeda looks good as well.
  4. I don't play FPS games but Battlefield 1 is looking goooooood. The Star Wars stuff looked good aswell.
  5. Looks like EA worked so damn hard on Fifa this year but still put minimal effort into Madden, annoying. Same shit every year with Madden, just minor differences, just waiting for that to change.

    Battlefield 1 looks innnncredible. Most hyped for that over everything else.
  6. Want more Sun & Moon stuff :fap:
  7. This looks sexy if true.
  8. Don't really game much though, but will still pick up.
  9. The only thing I cared about from EA's press conference was Mass Effect Andromeda and we just got a teaser :emoji_slight_frown:

    Excited about Bethesda's though, would be nice to see maybe a hint towards the next Fallout 4 DLC. Excited for Kadokawa's too, they own From Software so we might see a teaser for the first Dark Souls 3 DLC.

    Need to see that Nintendo conference too, that Pokemon info though.
  10. Too much Star Wars from EA. Like that's cool, but Dragon Age? No? Fine.:emoji_slight_frown:

    Only game I mildly care about rn is Deus Ex, but I won't watch any more than what's been shown. Mafia as well.

    2016 looking lackluster rn
  11. Knew Skyrim was gonna get remastered, was firm on not getting it. But I didn't know it'd look that good, AND it includes mods? May have to pick it up.
  12. Not gonna buy Skyrim remastered, I have a PC with graphics mods that look better than the remaster does.

    It's cool for people who don't game on PC though, especially with the mod support like Fallout 4 got. Speaking of Fallout 4 all of the DLC that got leaked a few weeks ago is legit, stuff pertaining to the workshop DLCs and Nuka World was found in the game files a while back and that's true. New Quake seems interesting, definitely hyped for the new Dishonored as well.
  13. Dishonored 2 is a day one/week one purchase for me. Prey seems pretty interesting.
  14. Yeah, it's what the cancelled Prey 2 became, since Bethesda owns the rights to that game. The first game wasn't that bad, although I'm not sure why they decided to just name this game Prey as well.
  15. Dishonored 2 is gonna be amazing.
  16. They did this with the 360 too lol They were all about making it slimmer and sleeker. That design does look a lot better though.
  17. Every console since the Playstation 2 is purposely made inferior/bulkier so they can repackage it and juice more money out.
  18. That is a good marketing strategy then. Them sneaky son uh ma guns! lol
  19. The Fifa/Madden stuff is probably because FIFA is EA's best selling franchise ever. It sells more units per year then the other sports franchises easily. I would not be surprised if it sold more then the other franchises combined. So FIFA is always going to get that extra shine. Granted if they make features that work on FIFA that can be moved over to Madden as well I see no reason not to.
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  20. i like the sound of the new story mode on fifa hope its as good as the one they done for fight night champion
    @Stopspot i believe you can play with any premier league team alex walker is gunna become a boro legend :emoji_slight_smile:

    one thing I'm really hoping to see is more info from ubisoft for South park and the fractured butt whole and maybe a release date hopefully
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