Ear/ONS aka GSK.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. http://earonsgsk.proboards.com/board/1/general-ear-ons-gsk-discussion

    is a great board with members posting on the original night stalker aka the East area rapist and now known as the Golden State killer. 50+ rapes, 10 murders, never found. The board is not the promotion as much as it is for people who like docs (deth i know you will dip in) and are interested in the most incredibly terrifying part of serial killers - the ones who were never caught.

    This dude legit ran from the cops twice, hit 12 rapes within a 2 mile culdesack radius moving from Sacramento down to OC area, and it is one of those amazing things that has kept my up at night and even to the point of passing out with the lights on. I will let this thread get a few views and maybe a reply (hopefully im not the only one who has seen this) before I hit you up with the recorded calls. Dude taunted the police, called his victims up to 18 months after the fact to talk shit, and his most notable feature is his tiny dick. This mother fucker is legit the shit nightmares are made of.

    They had a community meeting to discuss what to do (with a 10k cash up front deal to turn him in, in 78 i think it was) and some dude stood up to say "I cant believe a man would let the rapist hurt his girlfriend or wife with him in the same house, I would never do that" and guess what happened? That dude's house got hit, and his wife was raped with him being just rooms away - plates and glasses on his back to ensure the rapist would know if he moved.

    Is this a rough thread? Sure. Is this interesting? So interesting. One of the main officers wrote a book on it which is in PDF format and a link is on the board i mentioned. Sorry Craydaddy, this has nothing to do with WWEF and yes I am promoting it here, ILY. Check this out, at the very least all the horror fans here will see what real terror is. It is interesting, it is unsolved, and the dude is in his 60's and hasnt hit since the day i was born (may 5th) 1986, after a 5 year hiatus. This is the case of all cases IMO, check out the board and if you are too lazy, fuck it. I'll post the police recording here.

    Shit, I forgot to install audio drivers here, but this should be tlhe one. The pic (while terribly done) is from the victim profiles. 5'10 160-180lbs, this dude hopped fences and chilled on roofs. I promise you will be shook after reading this.
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