News Early Betting Odds for the Fatal 4-Way at SummerSlam

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  1. Bet Wrestling released the following details regarding the odds for the upcoming SummerSlam Fatal 4-Way match between Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman:

    In addition to the WWE Championship match between Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura at Summerslam, the Fatal Fourway for the WWE Universal Championship now has odds as well. Champion Brock Lesnar is the initial favorite to win at -120, meaning a $120 bet upon success would win $100. This is considered an “even bet” with the added 20% stake being the “vig”.

    Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe both have identical odds at +245 of dethroning Lesnar and due to the fourway stipulation, there isn’t a chance of a DQ or count out finish, so the winner walks out of Summerslam as Champion. This is single elimination, so Brock wouldn’t even have to be pinned or submitted to lose the title.

    Braun Strowman is has the least favorable odds at +700, meaning a successful $100 bet would multiply seven fold to $700. One can only speculate that these underdog odds for the “Monster Among Men” are due to WWE being cautious in building up what could be the first true megastar since John Cena.

    These odds will change and can not be considered spoilers at this point. It’s far too early for that.

    WWE Universal Championship – Fatal Fourway – Summerslam
    Brock Lesnar(c) -120 vs
    Roman Reigns +245 vs
    Samoa Joe +245 vs
    Braun Strowman +700

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