Early John Cena & CM Punk Plans For WWE SummerSlam Revealed

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. Source: PWMania

  2. Bullshit, Cena is the main event no matter what. He could wrestle a fucking sock puppet and he'd be the most important.
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  3. Wrestlemania Main Event; Cena vs. Mr. Socko
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  4. The sock has more spine.
  5. It's also more friendly and never cheats on it's partner
  6. If it means reverting Punk back to what he was I'm all for this.
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  7. I'm not sure that things been in a fair few mouths.
  8. Mick allowed it, he was there and approved it :otunga:

    And I think either Punk or Cena will be a heel by then. I hope they don't make two faces fight
  9. Cena or Punk heel by Summerslam? No way.
  10. It's probably pish but I'd mark so hard for this.

    Brock Lesnar vs HHH

    Punk vs Cena

    Ziggler vs Jericho :fap:
  11. This is probably going to happen. :fap:
  12. There will be no heel. We'll have a feud where they tag every week and suck each other's penises, while saying they respect each other but both want to be the champs, just because WWE won't use Cena to put someone over or something. Nothing close to last year's storyline.
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  13. I want Cena to be champion :gusta:
  14. If we have Ziggler vs Jericho I won't complain though.
  15. :okay: I still think there's a slight chance one might turn heel
  16. Slighter than Dolph Ziggler's WHC reign and WWE's logic. :haha:
  17. No chance in hell. If Cena were to turn it'd be the biggest in history, so Summerslam won't get that privilege and not into a random new feud. Punk is the most over face right now, a random heel turn for him does nothing. He sells a ton of merch, kids love him.
  18. Hulk did turn at Bash at the beach, so I guess it's possible just to swerve everyone. They need a surprise heel turn and the Mania one would be too obvious for that IMO, it's the one time we think it's plausible.
  19. But since when do WWE appease to the IWC? None of the casuals would expect a Cena heel turn on any occasion imo. I just don't think modern WWE would take the risk, especially when there is no one to replace him.
  20. :facepalm: if cena is the last important always then why do they put his match to close the show? God wish I can murder WWE bunch of dumbasses #wwelogic
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