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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WWESpongefan, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. It was the late 90's, I was about 3 or 4. One of the first things I remember seeing in WWE/WWF was Mick Foley being thrown off a cage by the Undertaker. I remember liking Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker ad Kane, HHH. I think Stone Cold was my favorite growing up. Due to family problems in 2001 or so I missed out on about 5-6 years of WWE until I was re-introduced to it in 2007. I've been a John Cena fan for a long time, but around 2012 or so I started liking Daniel Bryan and he is my current favorite in the WWE today.

    Discuss your early WWE memories. If something like this has already been created, feel free to delete it.
  2. HBK in those ridic heart pants he wore. Hart and those horrible sunglasses, and wondering how a huge fatty like Yokozuna could face anyone but hogan and lose? I remember thinking he was horrible then, and Hogan was god because my dad had met him. It was 90-92 i watched wrestling with my dad, before he stopped, and i didnt really start back up until 95 when i was 8 and it became popular among my friends..i watched WCW.
  3. I remember being 2 or 3 and having my grandparents sit me on either of their laps watching wrestling. One I remember best is where the killer bees and a super young Bret hart were in a battle royal
  4. I think around 4, it was a DX segment with X-Pac and Kane? All I remember is, X-Pac doing the suck it taunt. Afterwards, I did it and my mother says I wasn't allowed to watch WWE. lol
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  6. The Rock in 2000 when he was the man, the first I can clearly recall was Judgement Day Rock vs HHH 60 minute ironman with HBK as special ref. I watched before but that's the earliest clear memory I have.
  7. I would’ve been about 10 or something. All I remember is RR ‘99 and Mankind taking a dozen chair shots to the head, one after another, each more brutal than the one before it, and then after the match he’s being helped up and he flicks back his hair in a long spray of blood. All I remember was that it was fucking awesome, lol. I remember the Rumble match as well and I instantly became a SCSA mark without knowing a single thing about him or the storyline. I still remember how pissed I was when the Rock interfered and cost Stone Cold the match. To this day I’ve never managed to forgive the fucking asshole.
  8. Speaking of Judgment Day, I also saw when Undertaker returned as a biker.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Taker tearing it up on the corporation was a perfect return.
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  10. :obama: Undertaker was one of my top favorites as a kid. Despite coming out in a different gimmick, I still marked my ass off seeing him run wild. Remember watching it with my uncle on Pay-Per-View in my mom's room. Shit, I think that was the only match we watched lol.
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  11. I think the first Raw I actually watched was the one Right after the Montreal ScrewJob. I may have watched before, but it was the first one that I can remember watching. I remember mini Brett coming out and actually feeling bad for Brett, and hoping he would could come back. I didn't understand exactly what was happening though at the time.
  12. The only early wrestling thing I remember watching live was when that senior citizen (who was apparently mae young) flashed the crowd.
  13. My earliest ones were sometime around Survivor Series 1996. I was being hauled off to church one night (urgh) and right before we left, I remember seeing a PPV commercial for the '96 Survivor Series with Austin's shadow reflecting on a wall as he walked down a back alley and talked trash about how he was gonna beat "Bret's pink-and-black ass all over the Garden." And I had to have been watching at least a few shows before then because as I recall, the commercial wasn't completely unfamiliar to me. But the earliest memory I have of when I began to watch full time was after the '97 Rumble when Bret was complaining about Austin getting a dirty victory over him (the first wrestling I started watching period was WCW sometime around September or October of '96.)
  14. I'll never forget my dad taking me to my first event at Madison Square Garden. 1963, Bruno Sammrtino would defeat 'Nature Boy' Buddy Rogers to win the WWWF championship in just 48 seconds. what a night.
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  15. So you're one of those fags who joined in the Bruno hype train? That kid doesn't know an wristlock from a wristwatch Gotch would have finished him in 5.
  16. Gotch? Hackenschmidt all the way man.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. I would also have accepted the conqueror of worlds, Dane Severn as an answer :obama:
  19. Danete's Severn Stages of hell? @Neil Thorn you still training with him bro.
  20. yet OK?? people try to shooter on him an he whoop that ass.
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