Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Webx, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. You're on form today. Thanks once again! :emoji_slight_smile:
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  2. THanks![​IMG]
  3. the full version isnt even on youtube yet O_O
  4. Oh really?

  5. Would Have been a Bit Earlier but i was asleep XD
  6. Web, you use Ebi's release right?
    Same here. Always the fastest out.

    Shame when I was downloading it, because there was only one seeder it was 20kb/s

  7. lol someone is getting competitive.
  8. Pedoobear betrayed me.
    I'm no longer his friend. :upset:
  9. Releasing is about being competitive.

  10. lol dont worr,y i made plans to watch SD on synchtube with Derpy later today.. ill use your version.
  11. You are addicted to Synchtube! :dawg::dawg:

    Relationship re-united <3 :boss1:
  12. lol no. Releasing is a service towards the people. Not about being first, in no way does that make you a bad ass. Your viewers shouldn't care about you releasing first. If they like the service you provide they wont bitch if you are a little late.

  13. Who said it made you bad ass?
    If you release on the scene, if you're not first you get nuked and sent packing.

    The scene has strange rules. :true:
  14. Will watch this one to avoid Jonathan's upload.
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