Earning & Using Forum Cash


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We have a new cash and shop system implemented here, and you earn forum cash for doing various things on the forum.
Here is how to earn forum cash:

Posting a thread - $5 (Legends earn $10)
Posting a thread in current PPV section - $25 (Legends earn $50)
Thread replied to - $1
Thread in current PPV section replied to - $2
Adding a thread tag - $0.50
Your thread gets sticked - $50
Viewing a thread - $0.10
Your thread gets viewed - $0.10

Submitting a post - $1 (Legends earn $2)
Submitting a post in current PPV section - $5 (Legends earn $10)
React to a post - $1 (excludes Disagree)
Your post is reacted to - $2 (excludes Disagree)

NOTE: Any thread or post requires 10 characters to earn money, every additional character over the 10th earns $0.005

Daily Login - $5
Receive a follower - $5
Follow someone - $1
Receive profile post - $1
Submit profile post - $1
Upload avatar - $5
Vote in a poll - $1
View a thread - $0.10
Your thread viewed - $0.10
Receive warning - $10

Betting your cash:
You can bet your cash to win more by using our betting section.

You can win more money by purchasing a lottery ticket.

Buying cash:
This is now done manually, please contact me.

Spending cash:
The best way to spend cash is buying new features for your account in our shop.
You can also charge users for making signatures, avatars, or anything else you can think of.

Payouts may be edited in future if they are decided to be too little or too much.
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The only thing I can see as being an issue is the report thing, It can be abused but at least its a small amount.
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Kinda bummed nothing was added since that screen cap and almost all the features aren't necessary if you're legend, but it's fine. I can't wait to buy my pink username (Get purple pls)

Also, what does "Fully updating your profile" mean?


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Is anybody else having problems with the forum cash? I am not recieving my forum cash on my posts but it seems I got it when Seabs liked one of my posts..

Mustafar Reginald

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Well, I suppose the .02 cents given per words in post is going to help keep me afloat here. Already got fourteen for one post. Anyway, can't say I really care about forum cash but it's definitely a step in the right direction though at the moment I feel like the shop is too bare bones. Don't really understand why the color username can only be temporary and/or why only one would be available at a given time (I think I recall reading something about Crayo not wanting the "Users Online Now" section to look a rainbow which sounds rather silly), seems like the perfect thing to use the shop for. Besides that, it'd be cool if you could buy a background image for your own personal use, maybe something that has to do with the header (like adding someone on there or maybe having your own personal rotation [not necessarily with new people but like choosing who shows up for you (though I highly doubt that's possible to do per user but I'm just spit-ballin' ideas I think would be cool, not ones I know for sure are capable of being used)]) or hell, I was once on a site that allowed you to buy Pokémon that would be displayed under your post count (it didn't last for long but I so had Mewtwo). Regardless, I'm glad to see this finally happening, it's a nice improvement to the forum.

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